Latex Anyone?

I’ve mentioned it before, but in case you don’t really believe me, to put it very mildly, our daughter has an intense obsession with latex gloves, or “glubs” as she calls them.  She knows exactly where to find them (dentist and doctor offices, and the diaper changing station at the preschools and daycares).  She eloquently cons the adults in these establishments into giving her gloves without fail every time.  And she remembers who gave her which colors and where.  Landri will literally do anything for a pair of gloves.  Here’s a little video clip of her with her current collection.  At last count, there were almost 80 single gloves.  She likes to wear them, sort them, count them, play with them, throw them, take them on car rides, and make us wear them.

A mini Scott Says…

M: Scott, describe how Landri feels about gloves?
S: Very passionate.
M: What does she do with her gloves?
S: Mainly takes them out and scatters them about the floor and talks about how much she loves them.
M: Did you have any weird obsessions when you were little?
S: Not that weird!

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