10 Years!

Today marks a decade of marriage for Scott and me!  I may annoy him, give him a hard time, force him into “Scott Says” interviews, and even prank him, but I really do love the guy, and he must love me back to put up with me after all this time! And since I’m not one for public and mushy love declarations, I thought that I’d share 10 small but fun stories over our 10 years of matrimony instead!

1- So probably not everyone knows this, but although Scott may have his $hit together on the football field, he sometimes is an organizational disaster everywhere else.  Maybe that’s just all men, I’m not sure, but it seems like Scott forgets shoes, pants, keys, wallet, phone – SOMETHING hugely important – at least once a month if not more. I hate getting the dreaded phone call, where he begs me to ditch all my plans and drive an hour and a half round trip to deliver x, y, and/or z.  When I was about a week overdue pregnant with Landri, he left his cell phone at home like two days in a row! Incredible, yes.  But probably the best of all time was when he drove the school bus home.  It wasn’t until he went to swing that bad boy into the driveway, that he realized he wasn’t driving his truck! We still laugh about that!

2- I have an inner evil genius that loves April Fools pranks. Take a wild guess who my favorite target is! Yep, poor Scotty!  And bless his heart for always being such a great sport (and not divorcing me). I could probably write a novel about all of the pranks that I’ve played on him, but some of my favorites include wrapping his keys/wallet/phone/shoes/sunglasses/hat/TRUCK with several football fields worth of saran wrap, rubber banding the sprayer on kitchen sink faucet, and swapping the sugar with salt (think: morning coffee). His reactions are always priceless; he is SO mad, yet laughing at the same time because he knows he should have known better.

painting3- And kind of along the lines of #2, I once replaced his most prized non-human possession (his 17 point deer mount) with a one-of-a-kind portrait of him painted by yours truly. If you have seen the movie Wedding Crashers, you may recall the painting presented to Vince Vaughn’s character in the middle of the night (see pic)…well, I painted Scott his very own custom version, (coach’s) farmer’s tan and all! I would totally post a photo of the piece that *I* did, but that just might be where he draws the line and divorces me, LOL!   So, you’ll just have to use your imagination. Or…scratch that, maybe I’ll take bids on it, haha!

4- Going back to Scott being an easy target… the night we got engaged (in New Orleans), we were walking down the street and some guy stopped Scott and told him, “I bet you $20 that I know where you got your boots,” and even though (of course) I knew better, apparently Scott didn’t because he took the bet. I’m not sure exactly how the guy actually got the cash from Scott, but I know he did because I remember Scott being pissed when he actually lost the $20 when the guy answered, “You got ‘em on your feet!!!” His anger didn’t last long though, because we had been engaged only an hour or so and were really excited! Such a great memory!

5- I think it’s safe to say that I occasionally embarrass Scott. And it’s also safe to say that he does not want to ever wear anything that looks even remotely like what I’m wearing. So you can understand his extreme dismay when once he was seated next to me on an airplane, and I took off my sweatshirt revealing the same T shirt that he was wearing (Save the Chupacabra). He totally freaked, but was buckled into his seat and couldn’t do anything about it. It was hilarious!!! To this day I try to copy his outfits when possible just to watch him flip out and change clothes in order to look different than me!

6- I’m not always mean though… there was the time right before we got engaged when I convinced him that I needed to borrow his truck to get a table for his apartment. Yeah, a bachelor pad without a table/place to sit and eat. Amazing, I know. Anyways, I deliberately led him to believe that I had gotten him a table for Christmas (which I could tell he thought was super lame), and borrowed his truck to “pick up something big,” which was a total lie. Instead I had the brush guard that he reeeeeeally wanted installed on his truck as a Christmas gift for a surprise. I will never forget the look on his face. Probably the best surprise I’ve ever pulled off.

Wise Words7- Scott is randomly witty and makes me laugh sometimes. I especially enjoy interviewing him in the “Scott Says” section of my monthly baby recaps on my blog even though he is very difficult most of the time (LandriRexTy ). Once I did a special interview with Scott (read that here), and although I probably made it a bit too lengthy, he does have some hilariously brilliant lines in there.  He talks pregnancy (bless his heart for dealing with me <times three> because I was a totally psycho pregnant lady) and how to occupy a toddler (poetically stating, “Give it a remote. Give it a phone. Give it food. Let it roam.”).  That reminds me, I still need to make that a T-shirt.

8- Another favorite thing that I’ve really enjoyed, that’s come with kids, is watching (or listening to) Scott either change a nasty diaper and/or get pooped on by one of the kids. He TOTALLY, COMPLETELY FREAKS OUT AND PANICS if he gets poop on him. His reaction is always along the lines of what you’d expect from someone with a grenade in their back pocket! Priceless!

9- Scott has some weird quirks. He has a certain pair of special underwear that he HAS to wear at EVERY football game (that he is coaching). He also has a special undershirt too. Every week after the game, I must wash them and hang them, ready for the next week. He literally cannot function without them. We had a full blown anxiety attack about two years ago when he couldn’t find his special underwear on game day once. Now I avoid those situations by staying on top of the wash and being organized for the both of us! I have a billion odd quirks, so it makes me feel good that he has a few too! At least I’m not the only weird one! Oh wait, now we have Landri (and her glove obsession) and Rex with his budding shoe obsession too!

10- My nickname for Scott is Mottley.  As in Mottley Scottley.  Way back in the day, he once picked the most atrocious outfit for an athletic banquet that we were attending.  He had some gosh awful plaid shirt with a striped tie and these mystery colored pants.  I called them “murple” pants because they weren’t green, they weren’t purple, they weren’t beige… they were… murple???  Anyhow, I tried to convince him that the ensemble was horrific and that none of it went together (and PS. burn those pants!).  I told him that the coaching staff was going to make so much fun of him for such a motley outfit.  Welp, I was wrong.  The guy wearing the leopard print silk shirt stole the show and not a soul noticed Scott’s terrible attire.  He lucked out about that, but from that day forward I began calling him “Mottley” or even “Mott” for short!

Happy ten year anniversary, Scott!  I love you!

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