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7 months: Rolls, Skills & More!

Rex is now closer to one year than he is to birth! I cannot believe it! I just wrote this sentence and decided to look back at what I wrote at Landri’s 7 month blog update and was shocked to see the sentence, “I can’t believe she is now closer to one year than birth.” Geez. Almost verbatim! I’m having some serious déjà vu here and didn’t even realize it!

So yesterday Landri turned 25 months and I think our “traditional” monthly updates for her have come to an end <insert Scott cheering here>. Barring Toddzilla updates, I’m thinking I may go for a modified quarterly update or something. We’ll have to see how it shakes out. So speaking of, a quick Toddzilla update… Landri continues to be more and more trustworthy around her little brother Rex. I cannot think of anything major that he has had to suffer through lately at the hands of Toddzilla. Although this morning Landri did come up to me in the kitchen and tattletaled (spelling?) on herself. “Wanwee pinch Baby Rex,” she tells me in a serious tone. What? First, why would you do that and secondly, so weird that you’re telling me?! Don’t you know you’re going to get in trouble?? I made her apologize and give him a hug and everything seemed fine. She’s actually been pretty sweet to him lately though.

Rex is growing into quite the little chunk! He’s at least 21lb now, can wear size 3 OR 4 diapers (the latter being Landri’s size) and seems like he’s only 2-3 months away from outgrowing his infant carseat! He has a similar frame that Landri had when she was a baby; he’s got rolls galore, the best ones being his wrist rolls and thigh rolls. Although, I have to admit that he’s got a pretty darn cute little muffin top as well. Also like Landri at this age, the boy has no neck. His head just sits on his shoulders. He has his two bottom middle teeth, and gorgeous bright blue eyes. Speaking of his eyes, they continue to be extremely expressive. He truly can smile with them without actually smiling. I know I’m his mom, but I’m pretty sure the girls are going to swoon over his eyes. We could be in trouble.

Rex’s skill repertoire is improving! He can army crawl (when very motivated), and spin around to change directions on his tummy. He is working VERY hard at pulling up on things, but isn’t quite there yet (unassisted). He can balance and stand holding onto objects – which he LOVES. And he sits like a champ – so much so that we trust him to sit on the tile/concrete now. It’s rare that he topples and cracks his head on the ground these days. He is also improving his eye hand coordination and can grab small baby snacks and put them in his mouth to eat. One skill that isn’t so great, that he apparently inherited from Landri, is that he ate his first non-food item (that I know of). Flowers. He rolled himself over to the flower bush in our driveway (in his walker), grabbed a handful of flowers and stuffed his face. I got as many out as I could, but I could still see him swallowing some of them as I tried to sweep his mouth clean! He’s now obsessed with those dang flowers! And lastly, a bit random, but I let him “float” in the bath on his back (gently supporting him with my hands from underneath) and he is totally cool with it – the water in his ears doesn’t bother him at all. I hope he keeps this attitude by the time he does his survival swim lessons this upcoming spring! He’s even gone under water a few times and has done pretty well, so we will see! Other skills that he excels at are blowouts (still) of course, and also sleeping through the night. He is now a champion sleeper like his sister and if we aren’t getting our rest, it’s because we’re staying up too late on our own!

Scott Says… I’m really sad about Scott’s continued low participation in these interviews. Any advice on how to get him to play along a little better?  I thought that not having to do two back to back interviews with me (Landri on the 12th and Rex on the 13th) that we would have better results, but I was mistaken!  It most annoys me when he can’t even make complete sentences!  LOL!

M: What is your favorite thing about Rex?
S: How happy he is.
M: Well, how happy is he?
S: <gives me evil look and mutters> Dumb question.

M: What is Rex’s favorite thing?
S: Eating.
M: Really?
S: He likes his bottle!

M: What does Rex hate most?
S: He likes everything. He doesn’t hate anything.

M: What is most surprising about Rex?
S: Nothing.

M: What is Rex’s newest skill?
S: I don’t think he has any new skills.
M: What? What about his army crawl?
S: He’s not very good at that. I wouldn’t say that he’s mastered that skill.

M: What is Rex’s BEST skill?
S: Holding a bottle.

M: What about his most useful skill?
S: Holding a bottle.

M: What is the best part of being a parent?
S: Watching kids grow.

M: What is the worst part of parenthood?
S: Watching them grow.

M: What is Rex’s most unique/interesting feature?
S: His smiley eyes.

M: What is your biggest fear either as a parent or for Rex?
S: No fear.

M: What you have learned since becoming a parent?
S: Patience.
M: Have you really learned patience because it seems like you’re still impatient.
S: Yeah. I said ‘more patience,’ not that I’ve learned to BE patient.


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