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The Best Birthday Blessing!

Well, it was a bit of a rough day, but let’s be real.  When you have a toddler and a baby, most days could be described as “rocky” to say the least. Blowouts seem to be the least of my issues lately as Landri’s tantrums have been completely out of control.  [Experienced Parents: Please tell me this phase ends!]  Landri has definitely been “Toddzilla” this week, purposefully punching Rex in the forehead and kicking him in the face, and even throwing rocks on her friends’ heads at school.  FIVE TIMES.  Her listening skills have apparently been pushed to the max as well as this Momma’s patience.  It’s just been a long week and a long day.  And then came tonight’s game.

Words cannot accurately describe the evening.  I am going to have to look for articles to link to below because surely some sports writers will capture it much better than I can. But here’s my attempt and please forgive me if my facts are slightly off:

Barring a Steele TD early on in the first quarter, we trailed the Judson Rockets the entire game until what would come down to the final 30 seconds of the fourth quarter.  And I do not claim to be an expert on football (regulations especially), but by judging from the crowd’s reaction around me, it seemed that there were numerous controversial calls throughout the night against the Knights.  By half we were down 10-19.  Then the Knights scored a TD bringing the score to 17-19 (I think that was in the 4th?  I cannot remember).  A Judson field goal took the score to 17-22 with about 2:42 left in the game.  We actually fumbled the ball after that (and I was freaking out!!!) but we recovered it (phew!).  It was 2 & 20 on the 15 (the far away 15, sorry I don’t know the lingo, embarrassing and insert Scott cringing here, I know) and Knights’ quarterback LG Williams threw an enormous pass for a first down on the other 42 with 1:46 on the clock.  I forget exactly what happened next, maybe a penalty in our favor but ultimately we ended up with a first down on the 23 (the close one) with 1:42 left in game (I know, I know, definitely not a sports writer)…. a few more plays we had 3 & 6 on the 19 with 1:11 and drop a pass in the end zone.  4 & 6 on the 19.  Our last chance with 1:05 on the clock.  And then another amazing play (we had bad seats and I had a hard time seeing), but HOLY CRAP FIRST AND ONE!!!!  58 seconds on the clock.  2 & 1 with :31…. 3 & 1 and … Steele got the TD!!!  23-22 with :16 on the clock!  After kicking off to Judson, Steele intercepts their next play ending the game.  It was truly incredible.  I was physically shaking (still kinda am) and I still feel like I’m going to puke.  And I’m certain that took at least a decade off my life, but SO happy the Steele Knights pulled out the W for my birthday!  And thank you all for the many good wishes – I was definitely feeling the love all day today!

One thought on “The Best Birthday Blessing!

  1. Happy Birthday! Congrats on the win. My son played football for 8 years and I couldn have done a better play by play. Yes, toddlerhood does pass. Just keep doing what you are doing, one day you will miss these times.

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