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Landri Turns 3!

Three years ago today I became a mom, and it’s crazy how much life has changed three babies later. It all began with our beautiful little Landri’s arrival on September 12th, 2012.

In the past year, Landri has evolved from a wild little toddler into a very sweet little girl (or “grell” as she pronounces it). I love being able to have conversions with her these days, and I’m enjoying being able to watch her grow and learn new things all the time. She has a very sweet nature, and regularly displays character traits that make my heart smile. I often see her helping Rex up when he falls, and asking him if he is okay. She also shares her food/snacks/toys etc with not only Rex but her friends too. Additionally, she is really into helping others – whether it be me or her teachers at school, Landri always shows great enthusiasm to lend a helping hand. She loves animals, and always helps me reunite the bugs we find inside our house with their Mommies and Daddies in our yard. She loves both “Baby” Rex and Ty Baby, and dotes on Ty especially. She’s just a beautiful little soul and I love her so much. It is such a privilege to be her mom.

Now, don’t get me wrong, the girl can throw down and morph into something the exact polar opposite of what I’ve just described, but from what I hear, this is normal and comes with her age. So yes, the tantrums have definitely gotten bigger and badder, and I spend a good portion of my day carefully crafting everything I do and say in a way that is less likely to incite a riot. Rex often feeds off of her energy so if she freaks, he is likely to do the same – which, when those two are tantruming simultaneously, is horrible to say the least. Ty also thinks it’s just as horrible as I do, and then shows his displeasure with the situation by joining in on the action, making me really go crazy. But other than the psychotic tantrums, she’s so much fun!!

A few things that Landri is into these days:

  • She is still obsessed with gloves.
  • She is obsessed with anything and everything from the movie Frozen.
  • She is obsessed with playing doctor (anything doctor related) and loves Doc McStuffins.
  • She likes Nemo quite a bit as well.
  • She loves to swim and is pretty fearless in the water.
  • Her favorite color changes every day.
  • Her favorite number is 4.
  • She loves anything “baby.” Because little things are “so cute and tiny.”
  • She loves princesses.
  • She loves jewelry.
  • She loves Steele Knight football (and Knitro and Glycerin).
  • She loves to play outside.
  • She likes Daniel Tiger.

Scott Says…

M: Well, Scott, it’s been three entire years that you’ve been a parent. What would you say has been the most challenging thing?
S: Landri’s tantrums.
M: Can you describe them?
S: Explosive.

M: How about the most rewarding thing?
S: Ummm…there’s a lot of rewarding things. Pretty much everything BUT Landri’s tantrums.
M: Wow, I asked you the same thing last year and you said, “Nothing.” You are evolving, my friend!

M: What do you like the most about Landri at her current age?
S: Hearing her talk and explain things.
M: Can you give an example?
S: No, not really. But she’s funny.

M: What do you like the least about Landri at her current age?
S: Her tantrums.
M: I agree.

M: How would you describe what Landri looks like these days – in detail?
S: What do you mean, what does she look like? Look at the million pictures you take!!!

M: What is the most impressive thing about Landri?
S: Probably her memory and ability to speak.

M: What are you most proud of in the last three years?
S: That you haven’t lost your mind dealing with these two toddlers.
M: What about Ty? Aren’t there three of them?!
S: Yes.
M: This is the closest you’ve ever gotten to acknowledging my ongoing daily challenges of raising three kids, now three and under!




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