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Thursday Night Lights: Knights are 3-0

Tonight, in a locally televised game, Steele defeated San Antonio O’Connor 52-27!  It was a great game with clearly a lot of touchdowns that we were able to cheer about.  The kids always love that – high fiving everyone and shouting, “Touch down!”  My favorite play of the game was an interception that turned into a Steele touchdown.  And as usual, with the small human chaos that surrounds me, I don’t know any more details than that, but it was pretty awesome!

Speaking of small humans… man, it’s exhausting and kinda outta control!  I made the grave mistake of not feeding them dinner (that’s a long story) – so the “big kids” snacked on basically junk food and sugar all night.  Mom of the Year strikes again, apparently (see last week when I took my newborn with a fever to Laredo).  Anyhow, with sugar pumping through their veins, colored drool dripping all over the place (Rex), and sticky hands, we somehow made it through a rain delay and a pretty long game.  Highlights include Rex chewing up Skittles, spitting them out and then rubbing them into his hair along with butter popcorn, and Landri taking her relationship with Nitro to a new level… she KISSED him…TWICE!!!  She also hugged, high fived and posed with Glycerin as well (see pics below)!

Sorry so short!  It’s late and these kids wore me out!  Next week we play on Thursday again against Desoto via another long road trip.  Should be a really good game!

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