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Knights Defeat Panthers, 45-0

Before I write anything, I must profusely thank Scott’s mom and dad for braving the 6 hour round trip in the car with me and three kids under age three, not to mention one of them being sick (read more below) and a hot football game in 90-100 degree weather!!  There’s no way I could have managed without them.  They chased toddlers, changed diapers, fed bottles, and the list goes on.  Seriously.   And they even brought an awesome tailgate dinner!   THANK YOU, ROBERT AND GLENDA!!!

I can’t believe the second game of the season is already over!  Tonight the Steele Knights defeated the Laredo United South Panthers in a 45-0 victory.  Sadly, I maybe watched 5% of the game as we were running serious interference on Landri and especially Rex.  It was an away game (in Laredo) and because of that, our crowd was smaller than usual which meant the kids had room to run.  So yes, they were definitely a little bit wild.  They had an absolute blast, ran hard and played hard, but I definitely saw way less of the game than last week when I was able to sit up in the stands.  Clearly the Knights did a great job though and we are so proud!

The big kids are making touchdown arms (yes, Rex finally learned that)!
The big kids are making touchdown arms (yes, Rex finally learned that)!

Besides trailing the Toddzillas, my mind was also elsewhere.  Ty Baby had his first fever this afternoon just hours before our scheduled departure.  By an act of God, I was able to get him a doctor’s appointment and be seen all in less than an hour (even extra amazing on a Friday afternoon of a three day weekend).  After a thorough exam, the doc gave us the green light to go to the game as his temp had already dropped from 101.1 to 99.5 in an hour.  We were told to watch him though and that due to his age, if he “stayed above 102,” that we needed to take him to an ER.  But like I said, we were cleared for travel, as everything looked totally fine and we figured it was “just a bug.”  However, when we pulled into the stadium upon arrival to the game, Ty was a 102.4!!!  I was freaking out, felt horribly guilty about bringing him, and was starting to panic.  But one of my very close friends, Gus is from Laredo and his dad happens to be an MD there!  I called Gus and within minutes we had all kinds of plans and back-up plans and back-ups to the back-up plans in place in the event that Ty’s fever didn’t go down.  I was able to give him Tylenol and I’m so happy to report that his fever has steadily dropped since then (knock on wood that it continues to do so)!  So another huge shout out; this one to Gus Villarreal – THANK YOU!  And in case you don’t know, Gus and his wife Diana were the ones who gifted us the awesome “Lehnhoff” 01, 02, and 03 shirts (see photo)!

One other very exciting piece of information to report, and this is truly monumental… Landri VOLUNTARILY took her picture with Knitro (see below)!!!  She told me, “I not scared anymore!”  Our little girl is growing up so fast!

Next week is another away game, against O’Connor.  Maybe I will get to watch more of it than this week. I know you all miss my technical review of the game so much!

PS.  Here’s a link to a football article from this week – at the very end it talks about Scott and his record as a new head coach.  I am so proud of him!

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