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A Food Adventure: 30 Days Raw Vegan

raw-taco-meat-recipe-image-0If you didn’t already know, I’ve pretty much been on a vegan diet for about two and a half years now. It happened accidentally when I did a cleanse where one of the things I eliminated from my diet was animal products. I felt an amazing difference in my body (read more about that here), and initially continued to eat vegan ever since for how it made me feel.  As a bonus, it helped me lose (Landri) baby weight and lowered my cholesterol about 100 points.  And then, the more I learned about the vegan lifestyle, I found even more reasons to love eating this way: environmental, spiritual and ethical reasons to name a few.  Overall, I’ve found it to be a very peaceful and harmonious way of eating (and living!), and I’ve enjoyed the journey that it’s taken me on and all of the amazing and beautiful souls that I’ve been blessed to meet because of it!  Most recently, while attending a San Antonio Vegetarian Society event with one of my vegan friends, I was inspired by one of the presenters to go RAW vegan for thirty days.  Basically this just means that I will be eating a plant based diet like I normally do, but nothing will be cooked.  I’ve decided to embark on this food adventure for the full 30 days of September and have recruited my fellow vegan yoga teacher friend, David Lauber to join me!  I have to say that we are both pretty excited and will definitely share how it goes!  I’m almost done planning my first week of meals and it includes yummy recipes like this one.  I have a lot to learn about “cooking” raw meals, but I’m looking forward to creating some new healthy habits and discovering some new easy, yummy recipes.  Since there’s no cooking time, a lot of the recipes seem very quick and simple, which, with my lifestyle, is exactly what I need!

4 thoughts on “A Food Adventure: 30 Days Raw Vegan

  1. Awesome! Maybe I can join you…possibly start the second week of September to give me some time to prepare. I find these adventures are even more fun and a little easier to commit to when doing them with friends!

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