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Ty Baby: Double Digits!

Before I get started, I’ll do a quick general update since I haven’t been posting a lot lately.  So, I’ve officially broken my PR for longest amount of time not being pregnant in 4.5 years!  Woohoo! Besides enjoying the occasional (or more than occasional) glass of wine, I’m currently on another 30 days of 100% raw vegan food (will post about that at some point)!  Also new, due to some debilitating and totally random wrist pain, I recently discovered that apparently I have an old fracture in my left wrist and possibly a ligament tear in there too.  Also not necessarily something that will ever “heal” on its own so there’s that.  Good times when youre a stay at home mom of three kids, ages three and under that you must change/carry/dress/lift/feed 24/7 and your stellar health insurance has yet to cover a brace for said BROKEN wrist.  Thus, I’ve taken a mini yoga hiatus for the time being and upon resuming yoga, I will be instituting a rule for myself banning all moves that bear 100% of my weight on my wrists (arm balances and hand stands), boo.  Too bad I can’t ban wrangling the babies and toddlers, baha.  In the meantime, I started a Glute Camp that a trainer friend of mine created and have been doing some light running (10k and less). Lastly, I was recently interviewed for a podcast about my ultramarathon and was also hired to do a yoga photo shoot (before wrist injury), so be on the lookout for both of those posts too!

But onto the child of the hour…Ty Baby has hit double digits! 10 months!  He can finally crawl proficiently (on actual hands and knees), and eats baby food regularly (although he still isn’t a table food kind of kid yet).  He’s babbling up a storm, smiling and interacting with everyone and everything.  He really has a sweet demeanor.  He’s still great at floating in the pool and has started pulling up on furniture a little bit.  He definitely has accidents though, face planting on tile/cement/etc, drawing blood and/or getting fat lips. He is gonna be a tough one though – he sure suffers quite a bit at the hands of the Toddzillas, especially 2.0 (Rex). Ty has 8 teeth (4 on top and 4 on bottom), long, straight blonde locks, and beautiful big brown eyes.  He is super duper ticklish and loves attention.  He also loves balls, especially this one beach ball that he likes to chase around. His only downside is that he is prone to ear infections – something that my other two never had. It’s no fun dealing with that!

M: What’s Ty latest best skill?

S: Mmmmm…crawling I guess.
M: Does he like getting around?

S: Yep.

M: What do you think abt having three that move in different directions?

S: It’s a lot of work. Ty had a wing nut in his mouth.
M: Where did you find it?
S: In his mouth!!

M: I pull rocks out of his mouth all the time.

M: What’s your favorite thing about Ty?

S: I don’t know. Lot of favorite things.
M: Like what?
S: I like the way he smiles.
M: What makes him smile?
S: Everything.
M: Even Rex kicking him in the face?
S: Besides that.
PS. Had to include some bonus pics of the Toddzillas!

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