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15 months: MOBILITY alert!

I’m sooo late in posting this! Life is crazy! Last week was busy with the Judson game (PS. Check out this awesome highlight video from the game here or read my recap post here) and then Scott and I hit up New Orleans for 30 hours since Steele has a bye this week. It also happened to be Scott’s 36th birthday so it was a fun way to celebrate! We got engaged there about 12 years ago and have never been back together. Shout out to Scott’s parents for watching the littles! Great trip!

img_9774So Ty Baby! He’s 15+ months now and guess what?!? Homeboy has been walking (aka toddling) for probably about 3 weeks now! He’s adorable. I love how little toddlers squat down too (as opposed to bending over, say, to pick up something). Another big first this last month was his first haircut! He is such a cutie and it’s crazy how grown up it makes him look! So between the walking and the hair, he’s looking more “boy,” less “baby.” However, he’s still so slender and almost petite (despite his height -he’s in the 90-something percentile for height), that he still feels like a baby to me. And since he’s my last one, I probably treat him like one too haha!

Ty still doesn’t eat much (hence, skinny), loves balls and getting into stuff he shouldn’t. He used to love brushing his teeth and now suddenly hates it so that makes me think more teeth are on their way. He’s got a pretty good mouthful though already! And he’s decent at using a fork (random!). Ty still doesn’t like being restrained, and doesn’t understand the word “no.” I look forward to the day when all of my children know the word “no,” even if they refuse to listen to it, haha!  Ty Baby still doesn’t say much – his favorite word is “ball” and he excitedly shrieks it and points anytime he sees a ball. He’s also really into bats and hitting off a tee. He’s a funny little dude. We think he might say more and that we just don’t understand him…or (sadly) notice because most of the time we are distracted by another toddler in the house! Oh! And he’s learning to give kisses! Sometimes they are more open mouthed (ew), but not always. Here’s a quick clip of his skills. He was slightly distracted by the camera, but you can still get a sense of it.

Scott Says…

M: What is Ty up to these days?
S: Not much.
M: Come on!!! Tell me about Ty Baby!
S: He doesn’t do anything.
M: What?!? That is not true!!

M: What does Ty love?
S: Climbing on furniture.

M: What does Ty dislike?
S: Food. Speaking.

M: What is his best skill?
S: Climbing on furniture.

M: What’s your favorite thing abt Ty?
S: He’s a pretty chill baby.

M: What is your least favorite thing?
S: I don’t have a least favorite thing about him.

M: What are you look forward to the most with Ty?
S: Him and Rex mixin it up!

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