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Ty Baby Turns 2! [#TwoThreeFour]

Gosh, I just read Ty’s birthday post from last year when he turned one (here), and it’s spooky to see what I wrote. “The third one is what put me over the edge (don’t take this personal, Ty Baby). Not sure if it was having three kids that did it, the simple fact that all three were born in less than three year’s time, or all of the above, but I sure lost it again and again this past year.” Okay, so I feel like I could write this exact sentence again describing the last year (and put it in all caps and bold and italic letters for extra emphasis). It feels like each and every day is in fact harder than the previous one, and looking back to Ty’s first year is crazy because it used to be sooooooo easy (of course I didn’t think this then though). Now, having them all go in three different directions and having three kids throw completely irrational massive tantrums in tandem is so much harder than two toddlers and a baby. I have never felt more exhausted and beat down in my life. But what should I expect having a two, three, and four year old?!? Now, it’s not all bad. There are some things that are getting easier (for example, Rex is finally potty trained, although that in itself presents new issues), and there sure is a lot of fun sometimes when they aren’t fighting with or hurting each other. These three kiddos are pretty good friends with despite their squabbles, I can definitely tell they love each other.

Ty is growing into quite the cool little dude. He has traits that are both mine and Scott which is neat to see. He’s most like me in that I think he’s a little extremist in the making. He seems to do things either 0% or 100%, no in between. Take swimming for example. He’s either throwing a huge tantrum and refusing to swim because he’s cold or he’s Captain Insane-O jumping off the side like a dangerous maniac and swimming in circles all over the place. Speaking of, he really is quite the swimmer – might be our best one yet (which I think is saying a lot as the other two are really good swimmers too)! You can view a clip here. He is like Scott in the sense that he rarely listens to me (haha), and is in love with sports like baseball and football. The kid would let someone chop off his baby toe if it meant getting to swing a bat, I swear.

Ty is also finally saying a good amount of words, speaking small sentences, and understands a lot [Note: again, only when he feels like listening]. He has a cute little voice and he’s repeating a lot of what we all say. He seems to pick up on swear words more than anyone else did too, whoops!  Sometimes it’s funny when he repeats what we say, but sometimes annoying too, lol!

Scott Says…

M: Poor Ty, the third child, hardly ever got any blogs and is missing his Scott Says interviews!!! So in honor of his second birthday, you need to make it good to make up for the lost time! Got it?
S: <silence>
M: Scott?
S: <silence>

M: Scott, in a paragraph or so, please describe what Ty is like [notice how I aim high here, asking for a paragraph knowing I’ll get a sentence instead of a single word].
S: He’s a typical baby brother, third child.
M: That’s not a paragraph [I had to try, lol!].
S: He’s the baby of the family.
M: Yeah, you already said that. Describe him! What’s he like?
S: He’s tall and he’s skinny. Has blonde hair. Doesn’t say much. Loves baseball. Football. And tormenting his brother and sister.
M: How does he do that?
S: Steals their stuff and screams when they take his stuff.

M: Tell me a little about his personality. What kind of dude is Ty?
S: I don’t know how to describe him! He’s a little dude!

M: What does he like besides football and baseball?
S: Swimming in warm water only. Sparring with his brother.

M: What’s his best skill?
S: Swimming for sure.

M: Whats Ty’s most annoying habit?
S: Screaming.
M: Shrieking?
S: Yes.

M: What is the funniest thing Ty says or does?
S: I like how he walks around with his arms horizontal to the ground behind him [this is so true and so funny]. And randomly dances.

M: What are you most looking forward to with Ty?
S: I don’t know. Talking more? His progression as a switch hitter?

M: What do you call Ty?
S: Tyrone. Rone for short. [To clarify, his birth certificate says “Ty.“]
M: What about Tyrus?
S: Only Landri calls him that.
M: I still call him Ty Baby. What does Ty call himself?
S: I don’t know. He doesn’t say his name.
M: Yes he does! He points at himself in the mirror and says, “Dat Ty Ty!”

Happy 2nd birthday, little man! Mommy & Daddy love you! XO


2 thoughts on “Ty Baby Turns 2! [#TwoThreeFour]

    1. Yeah, in some ways are easier and cheaper, but in other ways it isn’t. I’ve always said that there are pros and cons to all ages and so far that seems to still hold true. I think that as they grow their own little personalities though, makes it tougher because they have opinions and opinions cause tantrums/drama which is an energy drain LOL! Babies and young toddlers just go with the flow more or less. Not sure if I’m explaining it well…

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