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13 months: Our Skinny Baby Cheetah

Oh my – this has been one crazy summer of travel and adventure (both with and without kids) and I will have to make a separate post playing catch-up on that.  But in the meantime, Ty Baby turns 13 months!  I was reading back on Landri’s and Rex’s 13 month reviews and it’s crazy to think that I was 20 weeks pregnant with Rex when Landri was this age and then 2 months away from having Ty when Rex was this age. I bet a billion bucks that Scott is thrilled that for once, I have no pregnancy updates on a 13 month review!

Ty Baby is growing so fast that he’s on the verge of finally graduating from baby-hood into his new role as Toddzilla 3.0. The last task standing in his way (pun intended), is that he must learn to walk (and to ditch is bottles too, I guess). Anyhow, gaining a new Toddzilla in the Lehnhoff household is rapidly approaching and I’m both excited and sad.

So no, Ty Baby still cannot walk. But he pulls up and cruises all over the house and everywhere he goes.  His main mode of transport however is the speed crawl. When I say “speed crawl,” I mean that he moves on hands and knees (and sometimes on one foot) with the swiftness and prowess of a cheetah, the fastest land mammal with registered speeds of 96-120 mph.  So yeah. Homeboy is fast. He also possesses the climbing skills of a baby mountain goat and climbs into all kinds of inappropriate and quite dangerous places. As if I wasn’t already on my toes enough!

How does our littlest dude look these days? No huge surprise here, but Ty Baby remains tall and skinny (92% for height and 50% for weight).  His long, straight blonde hair continues to grow in contrast with his tan skin.  He’s learning to use those big brown eyes of his to manipulate me and rocks an incredible toothy smile with the most darling dimples.

In other Ty Baby news… he was our only kiddo to get ear tubes (which happened about 2 weeks ago)…he still babbles up a storm and I also think he’s mimicking words more frequently and effectively.  But maybe that’s because he can actually hear now, poor kid, LOL! Additionally, he’s really improved his waving hello and goodbye skills, and has also upped his game when it comes to doling out high fives this past month.  Like I said, almost not a baby anymore!  As far as other skills, and speaking of reading back on Landri’s 13 month review, Ty has mastered the diaper removal just as Landri had back then!  Consequently, we’ve instituted a must-have-pants on rule at our house for Ty at all times, but especially in bed.  Pee soaked cribs are no bueno.

Scott Says…

M: What in the world is up with Ty Baby these days?
S: He hasn’t showered in like 17 days.
M: Why is that?
S: Because of his ears.
M: What about em?
S: He can’t get them wet.  He got new tubes.
M: Ok, what about besides that? What’s up with Ty Baby?
S: He’s crawling fast.  He’s saying a word or two.
M: Like what?
S: Ball (pronounced “ba”) and “Baba” and “Mama.”

M: What is your favorite thing about Ty Baby?
S: He doesn’t get too worked up over anything.
M: I agree. One of the most easy going babies in general.

M: What is your favorite physical attribute of his?
S: Ummm…dimples.
M: Yeah that’s a good one. I like his smile and laugh too.

M: What is Ty’s biggest dislike?
S: I don’t know.
M: What is Ty’s favorite thing in the world?
S: Throwing the ball.
M: Yes, I neglected to mention that he loves playing catch with a partner.

M: What do you look forward to the most?
S: Him walking.
M: Me too. Although it’s bittersweet. Last baby.



4 thoughts on “13 months: Our Skinny Baby Cheetah

  1. Just a thought, but Ty’s looks seem more appropriate for the baby of the family; kind of a sweet, gentle soul, while Rex seems more worldly and able to take care of himself. Rex is a natural for the older brother role.

    On Thu, Jul 14, 2016 at 9:45 PM, livin with the lehnhoffs wrote:

    > livinwiththelehnhoffs posted: “Oh my – this has been one crazy summer of > travel and adventure (both with and without kids) and I will have to make a > separate post playing catch-up on that. But in the meantime, Ty Baby turns > 13 months! I was reading back on Landri’s and Rex’s 13 month” >

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