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9 months: Swimming, Front Teeth & More!

Ty is growing up fast! And while it seems to be passing so quickly, Ty Baby is a little slower at things than his siblings were as babies. I think it’s partly a function of him being the third child and my hands are full with the other two (less one on one time with Ty, for example pushing him to crawl or forgetting that he’s old enough for real food, LOL).  I also think that with two older siblings babying him, he doesn’t feel the need to grow up and learn to crawl for example- they bring him everything he needs!

Ty does have some new firsts though this month. He finally eats baby food regularly and likes it. He’s also tried some “real food” and is still learning with that, but has enjoyed bananas, Romanesco (it’s like a cross between broccoli and cauliflower), avocado, and chia pudding. Sometimes he talks with food in mouth and spews it everywhere – it’s pretty funny. And yes, he still sounds like a chicken when he talks. Ty is finally rolling as a way to get around and he very much wants to crawl – and is on the verge (I expect it almost any day now). He also learned to blow raspberries –it’s really cute. This month Ty Baby took his first trip to Morgan’s Wonderland to celebrate Rex’s 2nd birthday. He was a great little passenger and had a fabulous time. He even took his first ferris wheel ride! He was wiped out at the end of the day though! Ty is also involved in his first activity this month: swimming lessons! He’s doing ISR (along with Landri and Rex) and is a champ at floating unassisted after just two weeks. He can also roll onto his back when he falls in. Here is a video of his solo float after two weeks of lessons. It’s incredible if you ask me! PS. Here is Rex floating last year as a 14 month old and Landri as a 23 month old. I will have to do an updated post with all three after they complete their lessons this spring. ISR is really a cool deal.

Ty is getting big – taller and chunkier… and his blonde locks are getting long (will need his first hair cut soon!). He also has his two front teeth coming in, so his smile is about to change drastically. Additionally, we’ve learned that he tans really well (as opposed to his brother Rex who is white as a ghost). He may even tan more than Landri!

Scott Says…

M: Pop quiz. How old is Ty Baby?
S: 9 months.
M: Wow! Good job!

M: What is your favorite thing about Ty?
S: How he shakes his head.
M: Yeah that’s funny. Kind of like Rex.

M: What do you look forward to the most with Ty?
S: I don’t know.
M: What about entertaining Rex so Rex stops playing Barbies?
S: Yeah.

M: What is the cutest thing about Ty?
S: Um.. I don’t know.
M: Come on.
S: How he talks like a chicken.

M: What is Ty’s favorite thing in the world?
S: Bottles.

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