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Water Survival Skills for Babies & Toddlers

I’m hoping that this post doesn’t come off as preachy, but water safety is one of my biggest hot buttons when it comes to raising small children, and I really want to share this awesome resource with you guys!  Yes, it is expensive, time consuming, and emotionally difficult (your kids won’t be happy about it). However, I… Continue reading Water Survival Skills for Babies & Toddlers

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Floaters: Small, Medium & Large

Three little Lehnhoff’s, hangin’ at the pool… floatin’ in their clothes and lookin’ pretty cool! I’ve said this before.  As a former swimmer, water polo player, swim coach and instructor, water park and pool lifeguard, and water lover whether it be a pool, river, lake, pond, or ocean, water safety is something that I take very, very seriously. … Continue reading Floaters: Small, Medium & Large

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9 months: Swimming, Front Teeth & More!

Ty is growing up fast! And while it seems to be passing so quickly, Ty Baby is a little slower at things than his siblings were as babies. I think it’s partly a function of him being the third child and my hands are full with the other two (less one on one time with… Continue reading 9 months: Swimming, Front Teeth & More!