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Ethical Fashion: My First Real Photo Shoot!

You might remember a few weeks back that I mentioned doing my first ever real photo shoot.  My dear friend Katie has an online ethical style journal and I’ve been learning more about this special and unique industry from her.  As Katie explains on her site she

…began searching for new brands, companies and designers who are working to create a new fashion culture—one that is as much about awareness as style. Through my search, I discovered pioneers and artists here in the US and all over the world who are using their talents and relationships to make beautiful things. These talented folks are doing it all without harming people or animals, abusing natural resources, and without the harsh chemicals sometimes used during the production of things we love to buy.

Her site is a growing and fabulous resource designed to help eco-conscious fashion lovers navigate this space and assist with their wardrobe selections!  I encourage you to follow her via all social media outlets: on Instagram @fashionjustcause, Facebook, and on Twitter @fashionFJC.

Here is a link to the entry on her site that we did together.

Megan L



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