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Ty Turns Tres (Including a ‘Scott Says!’)

The weekend before last, Ty turned 3, making the Lehnhoff littles 3, 4, and 5 now! I can’t believe we survived the other (worse?) combinations like 0/1/2 and 1/2/3 and 2/3/4! Things might actually get easier someday too, assuming Ty one day learns to use a potty . In some ways things are better (no babies or toddlers anymore) but of course as all parents know, every age stage has its pros and cons. Currently we have three very ‘opinionated’ pre-schoolers, one of which is about to enter Kindergarten! But back to Ty, he’s quite a character.

He’s totally into anything and everything sports related so of course this greatly pleases Scott. Ty also must wear athletic clothing 24/7 or you WILL hear about it. If the dude even sees a collared shirt, he starts screaming, “My not want to wear Sunday clothes!!!” He does however like to take a twirl in Landri’s princess gowns every now and again though, which of course greatly displeases Scott, LOL! Ty is super adorable and he knows it. He totally soaks up his status as “baby” of the family, yet still proclaims, “my a big boy” when he wants to do something only big kids can do. Please note: This NEVER includes using the restroom like big kids though, of course. He still says, “My yike to poop in my viper.”  But we just love our littlest “Yen-hoff” as they pronounce it. He’s a cutie patootie!

M: Tell me about Ty these days. Describe him in detail.
S: He likes sports. He’s tall and skinny.

M: What is Ty’s spirit animal?
S: I don’t know!
M: Come on!
S: Monkey? I don’t know.
M: I was thinking Mermaid…?

M: What excites Ty the most?
S: Football and a football jersey.

M: Any predictions on the potty training?
S: 6? 7?

M: What is the cutest thing about him?
S: The face he makes right before he’s gonna hit Rex.
M: That’s a good one. I was gonna say that I like how he must be wearing the appropriate outfit for whatever activity. So if you’re gonna toss the football, you BOTH MUST be wearing a helmet. He needs a jersey too.
S: I hate that. I hate that.
M: Well your Mom says you were like that haha!
S: <rolls his eyes>

M: What’s your favorite thing about Ty?
S: That he likes sports.
M: So predictable!

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