Everything · Monthly Recaps (Ty)

Ty is 16 months!

I’m on my usual several-weeks-late schedule as Ty turned 16 months back on Oct 15! This boy is growing even cuter every day and starting to play more with his siblings which is so fun to watch!

Ty’s favorite thing in the world still is balls. The kid will do anything for a ball, is always looking for a ball, throwing a ball, screeching “ball” over and over, and crying because Rex took his ball. He also loves bats and attempts to hit the ball with his bat. I’m pretty sure he also says “bat” now. Ty still enjoys putting inappropriate things in his mouth – for example, last night it was sidewalk chalk and this morning it was dried pinto beans that he found in a jar at church on someone’s desk in a pen holder. 

Ty is still tall for his age, has his bright blonde hair, big brown eyes and a skinny little frame. He has a cute little round belly and on occasion will point out his bee-bow (belly button). He squawks a lot and makes some cute babbling sounds. He seems to be talking more to himself out loud – we just can’t understand him! 

He does suffer at the hands of the older Toddzillas quite often though. And I just keep praying that this will make him tough and not the typical, spoiled little baby. For example, I remember thinking the other day at the football game, “Ty has the worst life ever. While Landri drags him by one arm across the turf (feet and body dragging), Rex steals Ty’s snack and shoves 100% of it into his own mouth. Poor Ty Baby.” And sadly, scenarios such as this one are common in the life of Ty Baby. Perhaps being an only child was the best thing that ever happened to me LOL!!!

Scott Says…

M: What’s up Ty Baby?
S: He’s still a baby.
M: No he’s not! He walks and stuff!
S: Yeah. He walks.

M: Have you noticed that he throws tantrums already when he doesn’t get his way?
S: Yeah, he goes, “Waaaaaaaah” (mocking Ty Baby’s shrieking).

M: What’s your fave thing about Ty Baby?
S: I like how he likes to play with balls.

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