Photo Sesh with Mimi

Recently my mom (Mimi) celebrated a milestone birthday and we did a mini photo session with the kids to celebrate and document this time in our lives! It was about 86 degrees with 100% humidity that September Texas day and even started raining! We were so worried how the pics would turn out (think majorly frizzy hair and melting makeup), but Amber of A. Leigh Photography NAILED it. [FYI she’s the one who did everyone’s newborn photos which you can see here: Landri, Rex, and Ty.]  Of course Ty had mad stranger danger with Amber (yeah, typical Ty Baby Cry Baby when it comes to taking pictures), BUT she was able to snap photos such that you can’t even tell! I mean, he has his scowl face in a few, but how she managed to omit the screaming ones is nothing short of a true miracle! Kudos to Amber! Here are my favorite 10 photos – although I absolutely adore all 38 that we got!!

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