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Random: Baby Brain, Daddy Daycare Alert & More!

PS. I’m having issues with WordPress this morning and when I preview my post, it’s not separating paragraphs which is driving me insane!  I hope it works when it publishes; if not, I’m so sorry! This is going to be a totally random blog update with some odd tidbits. It actually goes along quite well… Continue reading Random: Baby Brain, Daddy Daycare Alert & More!

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Fun with Acro Yoga!

You guys might remember that last summer I did SUP yoga on the river in New Braunfels (https://livinwiththelehnhoffs.com/2013/08/03/sup-yoga/ & https://livinwiththelehnhoffs.com/2013/08/04/sup-yoga-2/) and yesterday I had the unique opportunity to attend a yoga workshop at Lifetime Fitness to learn some acro yoga for the first time!  Acro yoga is a blend of yoga elements, partner acrobatics, performance… Continue reading Fun with Acro Yoga!

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Want to Change Your Life?

Q: What is worse than swim suit shopping? A: Maternity swim suit shopping. Q: What is worse than maternity swim suit shopping? A: Post-natal swim suit shopping! As you may already know, or might easily guess, having a baby definitely changes your body in many ways…most (all???) of which are rather unflattering! And no matter how… Continue reading Want to Change Your Life?

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Megan Paints and Landri Paints

I’m still playing catch-up on my craft posts… For Christmas I painted some pretty Om paintings for my Lifetime 281 Yoga instructors and they turned out great!  I always forget what neat gifts small little canvas paintings can make. And while we are on the topic of painting… I’m here to report that Landri recently did some… Continue reading Megan Paints and Landri Paints

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My 30 Day Challenge

I mentioned in my last post that I was starting my cleanse again (https://livinwiththelehnhoffs.com/2013/05/08/coming-clean-the-cleanse/).  I ended up deciding to expand on it, making it 30 days (instead of 21), and not only just cleansing from an eating perspective (no alcohol, no caffeine, no animal products, no gluten, and no sugar), but also doing 30 days of… Continue reading My 30 Day Challenge

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L’s B-day: Cupcake, a “W,” Cute Kids, & Baby Yoga

So Landri didn’t like her cupcake.  What?  Is she related to me???  She refused to eat it!  She got messy and I was able to snap a happy picture of her with it even though she mostly cried the entire time it was in front of her.  I had to even break it apart for… Continue reading L’s B-day: Cupcake, a “W,” Cute Kids, & Baby Yoga