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Random: Baby Brain, Daddy Daycare Alert & More!

PS. I’m having issues with WordPress this morning and when I preview my post, it’s not separating paragraphs which is driving me insane!  I hope it works when it publishes; if not, I’m so sorry!
This is going to be a totally random blog update with some odd tidbits. It actually goes along quite well with my “Baby Brain” (for those of you who don’t know, when you’re pregnant you totally lose your mind, forget things, and do weird stuff; example coming in a bit).  So along those lines, I’ll begin with a pregnancy update.  We are half way with #3 today which is insane! I can feel him kicking a little bit and everything is going great! When I was barely preggers with Rex, I took these beach yoga pics, and in keeping with that tradition, below is a time-lapse video of me barely pregnant this time as well from early in my first trimester – some embryo yoga, LOL. I also did 3rd trimester pics with Rex and so I will probably do that again with this little guy too later on! I’m feeling great and am running 25-30 miles a week still- I have one half marathon that I signed up for in mid-March that I’m really hoping I still get to do- we will see. I’ve slowed down a lot but doing okay (just very tired).  I did just suffer the worst sinus infection of my life though, and have taken a few days off, but hope to back at it this weekend. So, going back to the whole baby brain thing…So I saw this post online about Super Bowl recipes. I saved the link, as I do all good potential recipes that cross my path, and I returned to it while doing my weekly meal planning a few days later. “Super Bowl Recipes.” I totally thought these were recipes for protein bowls – healthy bowls – yum yum bowls – you know, fresh spinach, quinoa, black beans, various raw veggies and a homemade salsa or dressing – one of my favorite healthy meals. It wasn’t literally 5-10 minutes into looking at the recipes – all for dips, nachos, and (vegan) “wings,” etc, that I realized it was for the Super Bowl, as in the NFL. Being the wife of a football coach makes this faux paux even worse! But seriously people! Baby Brain has obviously hit in full force!!
Now, I’m not the only one in the family in need of some mental assistance. Scott recently rang in the New Year with quite the Daddy Daycare Alert! The other day, while painting the fence and “watching” Landri, he learned the hard way that simply asking a 2 year old to not play with the SUPER SPICY HOT JALAPEÑOS in the garden might not be enough to keep the 2 year from actually playing with said super spicy hot jalapeños in the garden. It wasn’t long before Rex and I (far away inside the house) heard the horrific wailing screams of poor little Landri, whose precious blue eyes had fallen victim to those evil and vicious jalapeños. The more her eyes burned, the more she rubbed them. And then the more they burned, the even more she rubbed and so on. Just to give you an idea about the heat of these peppers that Scott (apparently) didn’t notice her playing with while he was “watching” her…when I BARELY touch the tip of my tongue to the flesh of the pepper, it burns like hell for a good solid 30 minutes.  Like that pin head of a spot on my tongue feels like it will never be the same ever again.  So bad in fact that I banned the peppers from our house – there is no reasonable human on earth that could safely consume these peppers. Hence, this is why they are all still on the plant in the garden. Clearly I should have burned down the plants though!  Apparently they are so damn hot that they even lived through our winter freezes! Anyways, our poor girl was drooling uncontrollably, nose running uncontrollably, eyes red, bloodshot, puffy and one eye almost swollen shut. After washing up in an effort to detox her from the vile pepper juices, I finally was able to calm her down with a ring pop. But then when she tried to lick her ring pop she started crying that her mouth hurt too and she wouldn’t even eat her ring pop (What?! Did he let her eat them, spit them out and rub them in her eyes or what?!)! Anyhow, that was a few days ago and she has survived – she’s one tough little cookie!
Okay back to pregnancy only as it relates to cravings and recipes since its been a while since I’ve shared any good ones!  This healthy vegan milkshake is one of my new favorites; I’ve made it a half dozen times at least! Fast and easy, it kills a sweet tooth craving without too much guilt. It’s my go to pregnancy treat at the moment.  Next was a recipe for a salted caramel chocolate (raw vegan) pie with an almond coconut crust that I stumbled on one morning waiting for my yoga class to start. I was pleased to see that my pantry had all of the ingredients and by lunchtime I had already made the pie! And it is delicious! I am planning on making it for Super Bowl Sunday (along with some of those Super Bowl recipes too, haha!). PS. It’s gluten and soy free as well!
And because I said this would be a random post, here’s a quick video clip of Rex man playing in some bubbles! He’s a huge fan! Such a cutie!

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