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Trick Your Toddler

So I’m on a roll lately getting Landri to actually eat her healthy dinners!  The key has been to involve her in the process of making them – it’s totally created “buy-in” for her and she loves being a part of it!  Who knows if this will stick or work for your toddlers, but so far so good for us, and I’m going to have to find more ways to continue to incorporate Landri into helping out at mealtime!  We have been making various “Healthy Bowls” (see an example here).  During naptime, I get everything ready in different Tupperware’s so that at dinnertime, I just get them out of the fridge and we each make ourselves a plate together (and in record time too!).  Not only was tonight’s dish vegan (making Momma happy), but it was also super healthy, packed full of nutrients and vitamins via raw veggies, and yes, protein without meat!  It’s such a simple but easy concept, and you can really go wild with the toppings.  It’s a great way to use “leftover” produce still in your fridge at the end of the week so it doesn’t go bad. Tonight was:

* Fresh spinach base
* Red quinoa
* Black beans
* Diced green bell peppers
* Julienned carrots
* Diced white onion (her FAVE)
* Diced cucumbers
* Freshly diced avocado
* Fresh garden tomatoes
* Homemade dressing from Salad Samurai, made with my Vitamix (salsa is another idea for a fast, easy “dressing”)

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