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Random: Baby Brain, Daddy Daycare Alert & More!

PS. I’m having issues with WordPress this morning and when I preview my post, it’s not separating paragraphs which is driving me insane!  I hope it works when it publishes; if not, I’m so sorry! This is going to be a totally random blog update with some odd tidbits. It actually goes along quite well… Continue reading Random: Baby Brain, Daddy Daycare Alert & More!

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An Idea for Your Summer Tomatoes!

I stumbled upon this cookbook, Salad Samurai, thanks to Amazon recommending it based upon the contents of my cart, and I was immediately sold from the title alone.  And I’m very happy to report that everything I have tried so far (probably 5-7 different salads), have all been amazing, and also approved by Scott.  If you’re into salads, I… Continue reading An Idea for Your Summer Tomatoes!

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Scott Says: A Review of Vegan Cheese

Okay, so one of my friends tagged me in a FB post about a vegan cheese recipe.  It looked interesting and since I do miss the occasional ball park nacho treat from my former life, I thought I’d give the recipe a shot.  The author’s introduction was pretty convincing.  And while it wasn’t ball park nacho… Continue reading Scott Says: A Review of Vegan Cheese

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Sweet Tooth Alert: YOLO’s!!!

Okay, this is definitely my new favorite (vegan) dessert.  These are homemade Rolo wanna-be’s and they are oh so delicious and easy!  I even caught Scott sneaking them out of the freezer and Landri went wild for them.  So much so that as I hold her on my hip and type this, she’s looking at the photo screaming… Continue reading Sweet Tooth Alert: YOLO’s!!!

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Homemade Granola: not as bad as you think!

My recipe-posting binge is continuing today… I’ve been searching for a homemade granola bar recipe for quite some time now and had ultimately given up after several very labor intensive (unsuccessful) attempts.  Every recipe I found was super complicated, time consuming, with tons of steps and ingredients, and the end results were never worth the effort.  I recently… Continue reading Homemade Granola: not as bad as you think!