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Scott Says: A Review of Vegan Cheese

Cheese!Okay, so one of my friends tagged me in a FB post about a vegan cheese recipe.  It looked interesting and since I do miss the occasional ball park nacho treat from my former life, I thought I’d give the recipe a shot.  The author’s introduction was pretty convincing.  And while it wasn’t ball park nacho cheese, it still was pretty damn good… and I think I might be addicted, seriously. It has a ton of possibilities too!  Try it here: http://jenniferskitchen.com/2014/04/healthy-cheese-sauce.html.  And of course I had to get Scott to try it and here’s how that went:

M: So what do you think?
S: <long pause> It’s good, but it doesn’t taste like cheese.
M: So if I had just said “try my new dip” you would have liked it?
S: The cheese whiz color kind of throws me off…for a loop. It tastes like mushroom gravy or something.
M: Would you eat it if I made it every now and then?
S: Yeah I think it’s good.
M: Do you think it would be good on broccoli and veggies like cauliflower?
S: Yeah! Not better than actual cheese but…
M: So it’s better than actual fake cheese?
S: Oh yeah. I hate that crap!
M: So complete the following sentence… “Scott says this vegan cheese sauce is____.”
S: <busily slurping it down> okay if you can get past the color.
M: What? You just acted like it was really good and now you’re all, “well, it’s okay…”
S: Megan, I don’t know. I feel like I’m actually… well most people would be really grossed out by this but I’ve had so many gross vegan things that this is actually not that bad.
<meanwhile he finishes a bag of chips and opens a second one, using the cheese sauce to dip>
M: The color is a little surprising to me too, because there’s no nutritional yeast in it (which usually gives that color). Honestly, that’s probably why you like it. OMG! You’re making nachos!!!! I think it’s safe to say this is a hit. Scott Lehnhoff found a vegan cheese he likes!
<Scott starts cracking up as I grab my camera. You know he’s afraid to admit he likes anything vegan…wouldn’t want to damage his image, LOL>

Scott VOLUNTARILY makes vegan nachos!
Scott VOLUNTARILY makes vegan nachos!

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