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4 months: First Swim, Poops & More!

My goodness, Rex is a third of a year old. What?! Insanity! I feel like documenting his sweet little self has been so challenging as Landri demands so much from us! I look back and read about Landri at this age and I’m like, OMG, I never thought to try a bouncer yet because I’m just so consumed with 2 kids under 2 that I forget what he may be becoming capable of! So some of Rex’s latest firsts… Well, he’s been going to the childcare center at the gym regularly since he finally turned 3 months and I think he likes it (I know I do, LOL! Getting back on my yoga mat pretty much every day has been awesome)! This month Rex also took his first swim at the pool, and like his baths, he loved it (see pics below)! He also went to Summer Camp with his big sister at her school for 4 days! Haha, I know. Scott was like, “What the….??!?” Momma needed (needs) a BREAK! And actually I didn’t really get one, we spent it cleaning our garage and hot tub, running errands, and taking Landri to the doctor (pretty sure she currently has Hand, Foot, and Mouth virus, good times). Rex also had his first bath with Landri too! We put his little tub in her big tub and washed them together. I’m not sure I could handle that safely without Scott, but it definitely speeds up our evening process. And of course, during our Galveston trip, he had his first overnight without Mommy – FIVE NIGHTS! And we both survived. And let me tell, you, five nights of sleep was AWESOME.

So speaking of sleep…the most common question that parents of babies get. As you may recall, Landri spoiled us rotten by sleeping through the night at age 4 WEEKS (and ever since). Rex has maybe had 3 nights since birth??? In general he gets up several times which means I get up several times. It’s brutal. I am pretty exhausted. Our pediatrician said we can start sleep training, so I will probably start that soon. Apparently this it normal… now I can see why people with small babies can be miserable. With Landri I never understood! There is just something about not getting enough sleep that at some point builds up so immensely that you just can’t handle anything anymore. #AdultMeltdown

Rex is still growing like a weed and as we said last month, “Dude can pound a bottle.” He’s turning into a little chunker quickly which is good because a larger body size matches his large head size, LOL. He goes to the doctor for his next checkup later this week so we’ll see where he lines up with his peers. With his age and size, Rex is getting some new skills! Most notable is his ability to really focus on and follow objects with his eyes and then reach for them and try to grab them. He has a dangling butterfly toy on his car seat that he bats at and grabs and tried to eat. It’s really cute. I think he’s going to be like Landri and put everything in his mouth (she STILL does and she’s almost 2!). He also can roll which Landri likes and points out, “Rex roll!” And he sits up in his bumbo and those bouncer things really well (time to dust ours off from the garage!). He’s a pro at tummy time now and handles it with ease, simply escaping it with a roll back to his back if he gets too tired. He smiles a lot and enjoys looking at himself in the mirror.

Rex is definitely Landri’s brother when it comes to the baby poop department. 95% of the time when he poops in his car seat, it spews out the back/top of his diaper and INSTANTLY soaks through his clothes into the fabric of the seat requiring disassembly and washing. I cannot tell you how many times I have been right next to him, heard the explosion (literally), grabbed him in SECONDS and it was already too late. The force that it comes out with… sheesh! I gotta admit… I’m a little nervous for him to start some baby food! I feel like his poops could become epic based on his bowel performance thus far!

Easy Goin' Rex!As far as personality goes, he’s pretty easy going like his Daddy. Check out Rex enjoying the outdoors with his brother Smoke while we finish cleaning the hot tub.  He’s still a very jolly fellow and I think I would add “friendly” to the list of adjectives used to describe him as well.

And speaking of Daddy… Scott Says…

M: What are some things that Rex likes?
S: Bottles. Swing.
M: What else?
S: You.
M: I would also add diaper changes.  He loves those!

M: What about some of his dislikes?
S: Being hungry.
M: Anything else?
S: That’s all I really know.

M: Physically, how would you describe little Roo Roo these days?
S: Ummm…chunky.
M: What else? Think hair, smile, etc.
S: Red hair.
M: Can you please be more descriptive?
S: No, I will not.


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