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Playoffs: #knitrobaby Debut & a W

What a night! Somehow I had forgotten how intense the energy of a playoff game is…I guess because it’s been a year (?)…but I was definitely reminded last night when I walked into Lehnhoff stadium for round one of the 6A Div II playoff game of Steele v the San Antonio Brandeis Broncos. Holy smokes,… Continue reading Playoffs: #knitrobaby Debut & a W

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Knights are 2016 District Champions!

Last night was awesome! The Steele Knights finished out the regular season with a bang and defeated the Clemens Buffaloes (Scott’s alma mater), our hometown rivals, in a great game, 34-13. I’m not sure on the exact stats as far as our record with them, but I’m pretty sure that we’ve defeated them every time we’ve… Continue reading Knights are 2016 District Champions!

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Water Survival Skills for Babies & Toddlers

I’m hoping that this post doesn’t come off as preachy, but water safety is one of my biggest hot buttons when it comes to raising small children, and I really want to share this awesome resource with you guys!  Yes, it is expensive, time consuming, and emotionally difficult (your kids won’t be happy about it). However, I… Continue reading Water Survival Skills for Babies & Toddlers

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Night Running Product Review: Shoe Lights

I have another cool running product review for you guys! In case you missed it, my first one was a few weeks back about the Nathan’s Sport Hydration pack. Next up are the Night Runner 270 shoe lights! My mom saw these on the entrepreneurial TV show Shark Tank (I don’t know how I missed… Continue reading Night Running Product Review: Shoe Lights

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Hydration Vest Review (Endurance Sports)

This post may not be for everyone, but for endurance athletes such as marathon and/or trail runners, serious hikers and maybe even cyclists, you might be interested in my review of the Nathan Sports VaporAiress Women’s Hydration backpack that I recently purchased from iRun in San Antonio. I assume that the male version is similar… Continue reading Hydration Vest Review (Endurance Sports)