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Knights are 2016 District Champions!

district-champsLast night was awesome! The Steele Knights finished out the regular season with a bang and defeated the Clemens Buffaloes (Scott’s alma mater), our hometown rivals, in a great game, 34-13. I’m not sure on the exact stats as far as our record with them, but I’m pretty sure that we’ve defeated them every time we’ve matched up since 2006 (?). Regardless, this win brought our district game winning streak to 41 consecutive games and our 7th consecutive undefeated district title! Pretty awesome! And it was an extra special evening because I left my littles behind and was able to enjoy the game with friends from church. Next we will face San Antonio’s Brandeis on Friday at Lehnhoff Stadium for our first playoff game of the season.

PS. Not sure if yall are following the #mannequinchallenge thing online, but even if you’re not, you should check out what our boys put together! It’s epic!


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