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Night Running Product Review: Shoe Lights

I have another cool running product review for you guys! In case you missed it, my first one was a few weeks back about the Nathan’s Sport Hydration pack. Next up are the Night Runner 270 shoe lights! My mom saw these on the entrepreneurial TV show Shark Tank (I don’t know how I missed them because I’m a huge fan of the show and always watch) which to me, makes them even cooler. Anyhow, I am enjoying them very much and wanted to share with all you runners out there! Heck! You don’t even have to be a runner – anyone on foot in the dark (dog walking etc) will love this product. They are called the Night Runner 270 because you have a 270 degree range of lighted visibility while wearing them. They simply clip on your laces and off you go! So easy! I do a lot of running in the dark so this is a new must-have product for me. Also, I haven’t tested them on trails at night yet, but am guessing they will be a great asset there as well. I’m already looking forward to my annual night 10k trail run (El Chupacabra de San Antonio) next summer!


  • Not Annoying to Wear! – They don’t bounce or move, staying completely put – you don’t even know they are there except that you can see in the dark!
  • Rechargeable – They are rechargeable via USB so no worries about batteries.
  • Long Lasting – They last 4-8 hours per charge! I’ve only made it to 3 hours so far with them, but they were still going strong (which, by the way, is better and than my rechargeable headlamp).
  • Bright! – They throw some serious light, people. You are easily visible to vehicles and others and can see potholes or debris that may be in your path.
  • Water Resistant – I haven’t tested this personally yet, but good to know.
  • Customization – They have multiple settings allowing the user to change the brightness and/or allow for a blinking setting.


  • A Little Strobe-like – Okay, this is really the only con that I could think of and it’s highly picky and probably would not bother most people. Because the lights are anchored to your shoes, when you walk or run, the light “bounces,” or moves up and down with the motion of your foot. It creates a slight strobe-like effect. It sort of bothered me at first – a little bit, but I don’t even notice it now.

Overall, this is a great gift for either yourself or the runner that you know that works out in the wee hours of the morning or late at night. I would go so far as to advertise it potentially to hunters or outdoorsmen needing to get in and out of stands in the dark. Campers too (navigating the potty at night LOL)! Anyhow, I love my Night Runner 270’s and highly recommend them! Great product that gets the job done.

5 thoughts on “Night Running Product Review: Shoe Lights

    1. Thanks! Yeah, you don’t feel them at all! It’s more the motion of the light moving with your feet that’s noticeable but like I said, you get pretty used to it. And I’ve also noticed that if I’m also wearing my headlamp too, I don’t notice the (foot) strobe effect at all.

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