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Guest Post: Quarterfinals & Half Marathon

Hi there everyone!  Here’s another guest post from my out-of-town college roommate, Tara, who so eloquently summarizes our big weekend together (football game and half marathon)! I’m back! It’s hard to believe a year has passed since I last posted, but indeed it has. Time waits for no one. And while many things haven’t changed… Continue reading Guest Post: Quarterfinals & Half Marathon

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KNIGHT NATION: Letter to the Boys & Challenge for the Fans

To the Steele Knight Football Team: I just want to take a few moments to share some thoughts with you about what an incredible group of human beings you are. My three year old daughter Landri instantly lights up at the mere thought of attending your games, and besides hugging Knitro, “high fiving playa’s,” is… Continue reading KNIGHT NATION: Letter to the Boys & Challenge for the Fans

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State Quarterfinals, Here We Come!

Tonight Steele defeated Del Rio, 28-10 in an obscenely cold and windy game (and a bit wet too)!  We’re talking wind chill probably around 35 degrees max and misting “rain.”  I’m very glad that I left the littles at home – they *I* would have been so miserable!  Things were definitely rockier than the average Steele… Continue reading State Quarterfinals, Here We Come!

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Steele Moms Hit the Quan

I’ve said it before: the entire community that supports the Steele Knight football team is one of a kind – a truly incredible group of people.  And last week some of the players’ moms not only made the local news with their support, but they garnered national news headlines and were featured on multiple media outlets.  Watch these moms pump up… Continue reading Steele Moms Hit the Quan

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Knights Win 1st 2015 Round!

For the second year in a row, we played San Antonio’s MacArthur in the first round of playoffs, and again we defeated them, tonight winning 62-13 (read last year’s post here).  It was a great game, and like always, the Knights made some huge plays (I saw the Steele Knights turn two interceptions into TD’s and also return… Continue reading Knights Win 1st 2015 Round!

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District Champs: Knights Score Perfect Regular Season, 10-0!

Tonight the Steele Knights not only were crowned District Champions of arguably one of the toughest districts around, but they did so with a perfect record of 10-0! Next week we head into the playoffs against San Antonio’s MacArthur (we played them in the first round last year as well) with a home field advantage… Continue reading District Champs: Knights Score Perfect Regular Season, 10-0!

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A Crazy Night at Lehnhoff Stadium!

After the game I asked Scott, “Three words.  Tell me three words to describe what just happened.”  And all he could muster was three letters, “Wow.”  And if you were there, you know exactly why this was his response.  And pretty insane… it was one of the Top 10 games this week…in the COUNTRY!  Check… Continue reading A Crazy Night at Lehnhoff Stadium!

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Knights Defeat the Unicorns, Now 8-0

Tonight at New Braunfels’ homecoming game, the Knights defeated the Unicorns, 47-3, bringing this season’s record to 8-0.  And I didn’t watch hardly any of it as usual, but it was for a different (and much more fun) reason than being stressed out by my kids!  I had some special company at the game with… Continue reading Knights Defeat the Unicorns, Now 8-0