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State Quarterfinals, Here We Come!

Tonight Steele defeated Del Rio, 28-10 in an obscenely cold and windy game (and a bit wet too)!  We’re talking wind chill probably around 35 degrees max and misting “rain.”  I’m very glad that I left the littles at home – they *I* would have been so miserable!  Things were definitely rockier than the average Steele football game with the extreme cold, wind, rain, some injuries, etc, but as you can see by the score, in true Knight fashion, the boys rallied despite all of the adversities and reigned victorious!  Thus, we move onto the 4th round, the state quarterfinals, against our hometown rival team, and Scott’s alma mater, the Samuel Clemens Buffaloes.  Yes, this should sound familiar – we already played them this year during our regular season.  Last I heard, the game will be on Sat, Dec 5th at the Alamo Dome, although I do not know what time yet.  And you may have already seen the articles, but they do a good job explaining what actually did end up happening; four teams from our district have all made it to the 4th round and we have concurrent double matchups happening (Steele v Clemens and Judson v Smithson Valley in the small and big school divisions, respectively).  Here’s one article and another here.  I am so proud of the Knights – awesome job, guys!!  SK ALL DAY! 13-0!

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