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2015 Battle of 3009 !

Tonight the Steele Knights added another win to their record, bringing it to 6-0 this season by defeating the Clemens Buffaloes, 31-7 in what is called The Battle of 3009.  For those of you not familiar with the Schertz-Cibolo area, FM 3009 is a main road dividing the district between the two only high schools, thus giving the rivalry game its name.  It’s an epically huge game almost akin to a UT/A&M game on a high school scale.  They even brought in extra bleachers to accommodate all of the fans!  And as you can see by the score, the Knights played great and we got to cheer for a lot of TD’s!  PS. Here was last year’s post about the Battle of 3009 (and look, we went from high fiving Knitro to KISSING Knitro this year, see pic below!).

Tonight was definitely unique for me as I only had one kid with me: Landri!  Poor little Rex was under the weather and I figured that since I had a sitter for him, I might as well leave Ty Baby home too and not drag him out until all hours of the night!  Holy moly guacamole it’s nice to only have one kid (shhh… don’t tell the boys!).  And one kid that can walk and speak/understand English at that!  And Landri had a blast as always.  She got to hug and kiss Knitro and Glycerin and high five all of the players.  Her night was made!  So much fun!


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