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Battle of 3009!

It’s been a few years since our hometown rivals had a matchup, and last night we revisited that tradition as we played Clemens in our second district game of the season.  The Knights shut out the Buffaloes, 31-0, and played another great game!  It was an extra special night for us as not only were Rex’s and Landri’s Mimi there (my mom), but also their Great Grandfather (my mom’s dad) and their Great Aunt Karlyn (one of my mom’s sisters)!  They are from Nebraska and Oregon, respectively, and attending their first Texas high school football game was definitely an experience!  I think one of the quotes this morning was, “I felt like I was at the Superbowl!” It was so awesome to have them here and get to meet little Rex too!  Also, Landri saw Nitro the Knight and gave him a high five a couple of times.  We are definitely getting closer to him holding her!


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