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2 months: Spazzy Spaz, Toots & More!

We are surviving still, sometimes just barely, and it’s been quite the ride so far! I’ve truly become a one-armed wonder. For example, the other day, I was able to take down a hanging plant, water it and hang it back up (overhead!) all while not only holding Ty Baby, but also FEEDING him a bottle! Likewise, I also made and cut the kids some waffles for breakfast while holding and feeding Ty, put Rex in his pack n play for timeout while holding and feeding Ty, and probably the best yet, I got Rex out of his highchair while holding and feeding Ty! Having spent 24/7 with 3 under 3 alone here lately, I must say, I sometimes impress myself.

For fun, here are Landri’s and Rex’s two month resumes… Gosh, I can’t believe it. I literally have no words…

But anyhow, onto Ty Baby…I think the most notable thing about Ty, is his ability to flail about like a little spazzoid! It makes sense now why I could never sleep or be comfortable while pregnant with him, because he seriously spazzes out all the time, punching his arms repeatedly and kicking his legs like mad! I secretly think he’s going to be a star water polo player because he’s already got his eggbeater kick down pat, no joke. Scott does an impression of Ty flailing about and it’s HILARIOUS. There’s no way I could get it on video without him knowing (which he would never agree to), but the next time you see him, give it a shot and ask him to do it. It will make you cry, it’s so funny! One more thing to note about the flailing… I think it explains why Ty Baby has pretty much always hated swaddles since birth. He wants to be free! And this also maybe helps explain why he isn’t the greatest sleeper… perhaps he jolts himself awake? Not sure. We are SLOWLY improving our sleeping, but I still get up a couple times a night to feed him, so I’m pretty exhausted.  I definitely jinxed it when I said he was a great sleeper early on.

Ty Baby is learning to smile and coo a little bit and it’s adorable. It’s one of my favorite parts of having a newborn baby! He’s growing big and definitely a size 1 diaper and wears size 3 month clothes for the most part. His thighs are getting fatter (I can’t fit my fingers around them anymore), and we are 95% sure that his blue eyes are turning brown like Scotty’s. The rest of us are blue eyed, so I’m glad Scott will have one child that maybe ends up looking like him a little bit (besides Rex and their matching big heads).

This month, Ty attended a baby massage workshop with me. He was so-so about it during the class, but once he got used to it and I timed it when he was in a good mood, he seems to really enjoy his little massages that I give him. Speaking of things he loves, bath time is definitely one of his favorites. He can be having a HUGE meltdown, but the second his skin hits that warm water, he instantly becomes calm and content. Too bad his baths can be a little hard to execute sometimes depending on what the Toddzillas are up to!  He also really seems to enjoy his swing, while Landri and Rex were never huge fans of it.  I’m lucky too, because his swing is in another room with glass doors, so I can see him and keep him safe from the Toddzillas!

The craziest thing about Ty, besides how fast he’s growing, is his ability to toot, and his ability to make stinky toots.  It’s funny – I was reading back on Rex’s two month update and I literally feel like I should copy and paste the same thing that I wrote for Rex for Ty as well (just swap out Rex for Ty!):

And now for the part of the blog that will cause Rex to disown me as his parent one day…Probably most notable about Rex, besides his extreme cuteness and rapidly growing “pudgies,” is his ability to pass gas. Landri could (and still can) toot, but Rex puts her to shame. Yes, I am already living in fear of what his poops will be like once he eats real food. Anyhow, I swear that Rex basically is letting out one giant, looooooong, slooooooow toot 24/7/365. His life is literally clouded by one huge drawn out never-ending bottom burp (shout to Rebecca)! It like a barge’s fog horn that got stuck blowing loudly for eternity. And sadly, to answer the question that no one wanted the answer to, yes, his toots smell horrific. Like grown man offensive linemen toots. Okay, those guys probably fart, not toot. And Rex, in his 14lbs of newborn glory, resides in their category. It’s unreal. Like nothing I’ve ever seen, well, actually I should say it’s like nothing I’ve ever heard OR smelled. People who happen to be holding him while his bottom is singing its song, always SWEAR that he just pooped. No, I tell them. It was probably just the chorus of his toot taking over after the melody.

I know, that’s so gross, yet so accurate.  I cannot believe I was that honest.  Sorry!  😉 Rex grew out of it though, so I’m hopeful that Ty Baby will too!

Scott Says…

M: What is Ty’s best skill?
S: Sleeping.
M: Ah, like his father!

M: What is Ty’s favorite pastime?
S: You’re so dumb.
M: I asked you this same question when Rex was 2 months old. Do you remember your answer then?
S: No, but probably “You’re so dumb.” Because he’s a baby and doesn’t have pastimes.
M: You said, “He doesn’t have a pastime; he’s like two months old.” And I said, “I would have said bath time. He loves a hot soak.”  Ty is the same way!

M: What is most surprising about Ty Baby?
S: How little he looks like Rex.
M: Agreed. And also the power of his toots.

M: What is your favorite thing about Ty?
S: That he’s not waking up like all the time.
M: Oh!  ‘Cause you used to get up with him? <for the record, Scott got up ONE time with him>
S: Yeah, I did.

M: What do you look forward to the most?
S: Him growing up and being an independent man.
M: Funny.  That’s what I look forward to with you too! <wink, wink>
S: <laughs>

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