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Ty Turns a Quarter Year!

I can’t believe that Ty is a quarter of a year old already! I just looked back at Landri and Rex at this age, and it feels like a faint dream – I seriously don’t even remember it. Read about Landri at 3 months here and Rex at 3 months here.  So with 3 months of age, Ty gains a new privilege – going to the child center at my gym!! So since today was his 3 month birthday, I was able to attend yoga for the first time since his birth! It felt a little rusty, but great. My balance isn’t quite where it will be once I get back in shape, along with my strength, but I fully expected that. What did surprise me though, was how weak my wrists felt after all of those vinyasas! I can’t wait for yoga to become a daily part of my life again – I have really missed my practice, my teachers and my yogi friends!

Ty-Ty (as Rex calls him)!  What a sweet little nugget! I adore that baby boy! He hit 3 months today and in the last week, I can really tell! He’s transitioning from newborn into infant! So sad but so exciting too! He’s been smiling a lot and just about a day or two ago, has really began “talking” a lot (see video here). His coos are seriously adorable. He reaches for his feet and toys a little bit, and makes eye contact and tracks people and items quite well now. He has several different cries to communicate several different things, so that’s nice – we are both figuring each other out! He doesn’t have any super odd quirks (besides the man farts, see his two month post)  and he’s still really spazzy (kicks legs and swings his little arms around like a whirly bird). He does drool quite a bit sometimes, which I guess is new since last month. Maybe he will be early to get teeth like Landri (she was 4 months!).

In the past month, Ty has visited a ton of new places for the first time: The Jumpy Place, Pump it Up twice – once for fun and once for his first birthday part to attend (for Landri), Whole Foods, football games (three different stadiums so far), IKEA (to buy Rex’s big boy bed – HOLY MOLY), and Spa Crafters! He’s a trooper! He is not a huge fan of the car – either that, or he just needs more attention. That is one thing I’ve noticed about him – he doesn’t like to be alone. I think he’s used to a lot of noise and chaos, LOL! I wish I could say the same – I think I’m still adjusting a little! 😉 And while we are talking about what he likes/doesn’t like, I will mention that Ty loves his swing! It’s really the only place he will nap! And then speaking of sleep… I totally jinxed myself a few days ago when he slept through the night twice in a row and I said he finally was done waking up in the night because of course he’s woken up every night since then, boo!

Ty is growing big – both taller and fatter (rolls are in the making, I can tell). His head is getting bigger too – he has grown into a couple of hats that used to swallow his newborn head. He’s also growing more hair!! You can see soft little fuzz coming in nicely on the top of his head! He also randomly got a birthmark on his ribs in the last month! It just appeared one day – kinda weird.

Scott Says…

M: What is your favorite thing about Ty?
S: That he’s sleeping through the night a little bit.

M: What is Ty’s cutest feature?
S: His little cleft chin.

M: How do you think Landri likes Ty Baby?
S: She likes him fine.
M: How about Rex?
S: Sure.
M: I would have said that they really love him. I really think they do!

M: What is the next baby milestone that you look forward to with him?
S: Holding his own bottle.
M: OOoooh that’s a good one, I hadn’t thought of that!

M: While we’re chatting, how’s the 30 days of raw vegan food going for you?
S: Great.
M: What’s been your favorite dish so far?
S: The one tonight.
M: I’m glad you liked it!

<In case you didn’t know, I’m eating raw vegan for the month of September and tonight’s meal was a marinated Portobello mushroom stuffed with a homemade guacamole topped with black olives. It’s going very well overall; look for a post in early October providing a synopsis!>







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