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Knights Get Redemption Against Desoto

I am so happy to report that the Knights beat Dallas area’s Desoto tonight in quite a nail-biter, 35-33!  This comes after our very tough loss last year to them (read about that here), so the victory was extra sweet!  The Knights had a few fumbles and issues, but overall played great!  It was a close one though, the kind where I have mini-heart attacks the entire game, have trouble parenting my children because I’m trying to watch the game, and ultimately wonder how on earth Scott can work under this kind of pressure!  So… speaking of the kids… I need to figure something out because these no-napping toddlers, just cannot hang through a football game.  And when they can’t, I can’t (think: whining, crying, tantrums).  To make it even more interesting, the game was in Belton, just south of Waco, so it was a good drive.  And toddlers love long roadtrips.  Hahahaha!!  Huge shout out to my in-laws for making the journey with me up there.  People always comment to me, “I don’t know how you do it,” and my response is, “I don’t!  You guys all help me!”  No joke, I couldn’t make it through the first quarter with all three of them by myself!  This week was extra special because we had some of Scott’s relatives that we don’t see too often at the game.  They were a part of my team of lifesavers this week.  I seriously lucked out!

PS.  Landri ran right up to both Glycerin and Nitro this week.  It’s safe to say she is over her fear of mascots!  Now, I can’t wait to see what happens with Santa this year… 😉

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