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Meet the Knights 2015

We just got home from the 2015 Meet the Knights “Pepper Rally” as Landri calls it, and the kids majorly passed out!  They had an absolute blast.  Highlights for Landri were:

* seeing the football players,
* seeing Nitro and Glycerin (the Knights’ mascots),
* dancing along with the band and cheerleaders,
* hangin’ with Momma Kelley (and checking out her fancy camera),
* and then also thanks to Kelley, posing for pictures with Glycerin!!!

“Baby” Rex on the other hand, just does his own deal:

* wandering around, swinging his arms and clapping,
* visiting with Daddy and Momma Kelley (stealing her drink and also checking out her fancy camera with Landri),
* and making a few rogue mad dashes towards the field.

What struck me as funny is that I heard several people throughout the night make comments about Rex along the lines of “He’s his own man,” which Scott always says verbatim!  And it’s 100% true; Rex really is his own man (man-child? man-“baby?”)!  You have to see the kid in action to understand it.  It’s hilarious to me though!

Here are some fun pics that capture the Little Lehnhoff Spirit Squad getting pumped for the 2015 season!  And a huge shout out to Kelley for the amazing pics that she got for us too (also included below)!

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