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2 months: Toots, First Trick & More!

Dang! Cliché I know, but time with #2 passes even faster than with #1! It’s incredible that Rex is already 2 months old today. He’s such a big boy! I weighed him last week and he was almost 14lb! That’s about 5lb in 8 weeks! That’s a lot for anyone, but especially a little newborn that only started out at about 8lb!

Derby Day!Rex had a couple of firsts this month… Like Landri, he attended his first Derby party and looked pretty dapper (see pic to the right here)!  He also had his first non-family member baby sitter at 6 weeks old and did great! He’s such a good boy! And as most newborns are bound to get, Rex developed his first rash! It was a totally normal little newborn rash and a couple of pimples which are already gone. He’s been toted along everywhere we go, so he’s been to tons of stores, restaurants, the park, the pool, the vet, my doctor, my dentist, etc. He’s going to be a very go-with-the-flow kid, which makes sense too since that’s totally Scott’s personality (Scott says that Rex is laid back like him and Landri is crazy like me. He’s probably right, haha!).

And now for the part of the blog that will cause Rex to disown me as his parent one day…Probably most notable about Rex, besides his extreme cuteness and rapidly growing “pudgies,” is his ability to pass gas. Landri could (and still can) toot, but Rex puts her to shame. Yes, I am already living in fear of what his poops will be like once he eats real food. Anyhow, I swear that Rex basically is letting out one giant, looooooong, slooooooow toot 24/7/365. His life is literally clouded by one huge drawn out never-ending bottom burp (shout to Rebecca)! It like a barge’s fog horn that got stuck blowing loudly for eternity. And sadly, to answer the question that no one wanted the answer to, yes, his toots smell horrific. Like grown man offensive linemen toots. Okay, those guys probably fart, not toot. And Rex, in his 14lbs of newborn glory, resides in their category. It’s unreal. Like nothing I’ve ever seen, well, actually I should say it’s like nothing I’ve ever heard OR smelled. People who happen to be holding him while his bottom is singing its song, always SWEAR that he just pooped. No, I tell them. It was probably just the chorus of his toot taking over after the melody.

Rex’s best skill besides tooting is definitely smiling, eating and looking adorable. He is really, really good at those. He has also learned to swivel his head to look left and right, bringing back such good memories of when Landri acquired that skill: https://livinwiththelehnhoffs.com/2012/11/08/landris-first-trick/. Here’s his version of this awesome newborn “trick!” http://youtu.be/HII9iC1MNBg. Another big skill is his Houdini-like abilities in escaping his swaddle! At the end of my pregnancy I dubbed him the “Nighttime Ninja” because he would start flipping around like a crazy little ninja every night as I eased into bed, keeping me awake. Well, Rex still is somewhat of a little ninja, escaping even the tightest of swaddles. He loves sucking on his fingers and I almost always find him with at least one, if not both arms out of his swaddle in the morning so that he can suck away! Sometimes he’s even managed to have gotten a leg out too though! It’s incredible! Speaking of nighttime… he’s been making it through the night without eating for a solid week and a half or so now which is awesome. He still sometimes wakes up because he wants to cuddle in bed with me, which I don’t mind too much.

And just for bonus, here’s a quick clip of Landri and Rex. They are such awesome little people. I love them. http://youtu.be/ZpHehBYnBXE

Scott Says…

M: What is Rex’s best skill?
S: Eating? I don’t know. Eating is his best skill.

M: What is most surprising about Rex?
S: How hungry he is all the time.
M: I actually couldn’t agree more. He eats WAY too much too often.

M: What is your favorite thing about Rex?
S: When he’s sleeping.
M: Nice. You don’t like making him smile? Landri and I both do!
S: That’s my second favorite thing.

M: What is most impressive about Rex?
S: His head size.
M: Tell me more about that.
S: Big.
M: You mean like yours?
S: Yeah.
M: Well, at least you are both proportionate though. And lots of brains in there!

M: What is Rex’s favorite pastime?
S: He doesn’t have a pastime; he’s like two months old.
M: I would have said bath time. He loves a hot soak.

M: Is there anything else noteworthy about Rex?
S: Nope.
M: What about his flatulency?
S: He does smell!
M: How would you describe it?
S: Smelly.
M: I’d hate see to what your responses would be if you had a smaller head!
S: <under his breath> …so dumb…Can we move on from this?

2 thoughts on “2 months: Toots, First Trick & More!

  1. Your writing is beyond belief
    it is so perfect! The baby photos are precious! So glad you are loving being
    a mom! Celia

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