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State-of-Play-First-Ladies-350x233Not only would tomorrow have been my dad’s 68th birthday, but it is also the first anniversary of the passing of my maternal grandmother.  We miss them both everyday!  And there’s something else special about tomorrow; our episode of State of Play, “First Ladies,” airs tomorrow night on HBO at 9pm CST (Dec 9). This article lists additional playtimes in case you miss it.

Since my last post about the game last Saturday was very brief because I was on the road for the half marathon, here are a few articles about last Saturday’s game (the quarter-finals):

Steele Rides Big Plays by Williams into State Semi-Final​s
Williams Leads Cibolo Steele Past SA Brandeis
Knights March Onto Semi Finals
Three Takes: Steele, 31, Brandeis 28
Video Highlights

Steele v Katy 2012
Steele v Katy 2012

We are playing against Katy High (Houston area school) at Reliant Stadium (home to the Houston Texans) this Saturday, Dec 13 at 4pm.  We have a history with this team as we lost to them in the same round back in 2012 when they went on to win the state title.

And really quick, because this is completely adorable, Landri’s little bestie Camille’s older brother, Carter (age 5), made this awesome Steele Knight gingerbread boy at school.  It says, “My gingerbread boy plays football for the Steele Knights. His team fought hard and won.”  To me, this is a good reminder about how much of an impact this team has on our kids and our community.  They are role models in every sense of it, so much so that even a five year old little boy could recognize the heart that our guys played with last Saturday.  We are definitely the underdog this week, but if there is anything that last Saturday taught us all, it is TO BELIEVE.  We got this, Knights!!!



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