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Tough Loss, But Still Champions

I’m heartbroken to report that the Steele Knights lost tonight against Katy High in the state semi-finals. It was a tough, tough game, and like they always do so well, the Knights played their hearts out. We were down by 7-10 points the entire game until like last week, late in the fourth, we took the lead 20-17. And with only THREE SECONDS left in the game, Katy kicked a field goal, tying the game at 20-20. In overtime, Katy had the ball first and ended up with a field goal that was called back due to a penalty against us. Consequently, Katy kept the ball, was awarded 5 yards, and then scored a touchdown. We were unable to answer it, and as the rules in high school overtime go, lost our chance for a trip to Dallas and a spot in the state championship game, with a final score standing at 20-27. Katy has won most of their games by 20, 30, 40, maybe even 50+ points per game, but tonight, the Knights made them play hard. We made them earn every point and we pushed back as much as we could, something that many teams have tried, but failed to do.

I could not be more proud of Scott. I cannot imagine the pressure and stress he must have felt, not only today, but this entire season. For example, I know I felt it in the air this afternoon and I had nothing to do with the outcome of the game! There’s so much work and time that Scott humbly puts in behind the scenes that goes unnoticed or unseen. There’s so much heart, love and effort that he puts into his work every day, whether it’s watching film, game planning, or coaching on the field. He cares deeply for his players and his staff; it feels as if in a way, they are all an extension of our family – it’s our Knight Family.  And Scott isn’t the only Steele coach that can be described this way. It’s truly each and every member of his staff. Our coaches love Steele, they love the game of football, they love our team, and they love each other.  You couldn’t find a more solid, cohesive and productive staff. They are brothers and role models, and as evidenced by their outstanding season, are extremely successful at what they do. We have a remarkable coaching staff.

I could not be more proud of our players. They too handled the extraordinary stress and pressure to perform, again, not only today, but this entire season. It’s one thing for men, seasoned coaches, to deal with, but even more impressive to see these young men handle themselves with poise and class and still dominate on the field despite the high pressure situations we often faced. Time and time again, they rose to the occasion, left it all on the field, and played their hearts out. Like I said earlier this week about last Saturday, even my five year old neighbor could recognize how hard our boys fought out there. Like our coaches, they too, are role models in every sense.

And I absolutely cannot go without mentioning all of the groups that loyally back our team: our mascots, trainers, band, cheerleaders, dance team, pep squad, students, parents, teachers, administration, fans, community, and of course our coaches’ wives, families, and friends. It is humbling to see so many come together to support our team.

Congratulations to Katy High. They too, played a heck of a game. I wish it was us going to Dallas next week, but once again, it has been an honor to be a part of the Knights’ tremendous history, and I know that great things are in store for us. We had a phenomenal season, and that will be us in Dallas next year!


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