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9 months: Toddzilla Update, Rexnip, & More!

Well, well, well, Rex is almost as old on the “outside” as it took him to grow on the “inside!” And little dude has come a long way! Read on to learn what’s new with Rex these days, but first, let’s take a quick look at his big sister, also affectionately known as Toddzilla.

Tantrums are a dime a dozen these days, and there’s one thing I’ve found myself doing on a regular basis that I didn’t think I was capable of, and that’s LYING. I tell Landri lies ALL THE TIME. “The TV is broken, sweetheart, we can’t watch Elmo again,” or perhaps, “The Play-Doh is lost!” as I am tired of fishing it out of everyone’s mouths (Landri, Rex, and the dog alike). It’s horrible that I tell lies in attempt to avoid meltdowns and get away with it. I’m sure she’ll be catching on in no time though, and I will have to find other (more moral) ways to evade her obnoxious outbursts! She’s also learned some lovely new things lately. First, Scott taught her to jump off furniture – you’ll have to ask him why on earth he thought this was a good idea, but yeah, Landri now loves to climb as high as she can on whatever furniture, and demand that he catch her, often times as she leaps flying into the air. Luckily he’s always been there, but I’m nervously waiting for the day when she decides to do it and he’s not there (and I’m busy changing Rex or something). I foresee a broken bone or two in our future – I call it now. This also goes along with him sitting her on the kitchen counter. Now she demands to sit up there, and throws tantrums if you don’t comply which is awesome. You know, because we don’t have enough reasons to tantrum each day. But as I once heard Scott say, “You can’t stop her, you can only contain her.”

And moving on to little Rex, soon to be big brother Rex! You know, we used to say how “laid back” he was, that he was going to be all chilled out just like Scott is, with Landri and I being the high strung peeps in the family, but I’m pretty sure that this is no longer our prediction. And PS, there’s nothing “chilled out” about Scott now that he knows he’s having another baby, LOL! Rex already seems to be a little wild child, into everything, way more than Landri ever was, on the move constantly, and just out of control “busy.” He has been army crawling for two months now, but he’s becoming more of a crawling connoisseur, as he can bear crawl (if the floor is cold) and also regular crawl. He pulls up on everything and cruises from furniture to furniture. Like right now, he’s pulled up onto a cabinet and is trying to brute force it open (it has a baby safety lock that is being pushed to the max) – he may actually get it – I hear it creaking – in a bad way!

If there’s one true love of Rex Lehnhoff, that would be the little baby snack, Puffs. The dude can eat quintuple his weight in puffs (and they weigh about as much as air). His composition is probably around two thirds puffs (one third pure fat), LOL! He smells like puffs and loves to shove fistfuls of puffs violently into his mouth with both hands. Scott appropriately calls it “Rexnip,” haha! If Rex could reason and communicate, I am certain that he would give up his firstborn for a fistful of puffs. Also, he used to like veggies, but that was before he had fruit. Now he bats away spoonfuls of veggies like a world class goalie defending his goal. Second to his love of puffs, is his love of our dog, Smoke. Rex LOVES Smoke. He smiles at him, laughs at him, watches him, tries to pet him…is just all around obsessed with him.  Other than puffs and the dog, Rex also LOVES bath time. In the evenings when we go into his room and start the bath, he takes off in a full on sprint for the bath tub and then pulls up and attempts to get in on his own, hiking his fat little leg up and over the edge of the bath tub.  It’s quite entertaining!

Other things about Rex:

  • He loves playing with the doorstop springs (boing!!!)
  • We think he knows his name and turns his head when you call him
  • He might be saying “Mama,” we just don’t know if it’s on purpose or just a sound

And onto “Scott Says…”

M: What is your favorite thing about Rex?
S: Really?
M: Yes, he’s nine months. It’s time for a blog.
S: I like his squinty little smile, his fat body, and his laugh.

M: What is Rex’s favorite thing?
S: Puffs.
M: Tell me a little bit more about that.
S: He gobbles them up like a hungry, hungry hippo.

M: What does Rex hate most?
S: Probably being left alone these days.
M: So you think he’s a social kid?
S: Yeah.

M: What is most surprising about Rex?
S: Nothing.

M: What is Rex’s newest skill?
S: Crawling.
M: Except that he’s been doing that for two months!
S: He’s crawling better now.
M: I agree, he regular crawls like a boss these days.

M: What is Rex’s most unique/interesting feature?
S: His fat body.

M: What is your biggest for Rex?
S: I don’t have a biggest fear for Rex.
M: I do. It’s that he doesn’t like football.
S: I don’t care if he likes football or not.
M: Un-truer words have never been spoken.

M: Can you tell me a story about Rex?
S: Don’t have one.
M: Seriously? That’s how you want to go out?
S: <snorts> <silence> <until Landri has a huge meltdown and Scott sends her to timeout…this interview is over>

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