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Another 13.1 in the Books!

As tradition would be, I completed another half marathon while pregnant – I did a couple during each of my previous two pregnancies, and today I added another one to the list!  They are hard to compare – different courses, different weather, different points of gestation, but this one was especially fun because I got to do it with my friend Chrissy and it was her first one ever!  Prior to training for this, she had only done a 5k so this was a huge commitment and she did awesome.  I absolutely could not be more proud of her!  I can’t find our final results, but unofficially, our watches had us at about 2:17 (about a 10:20/mile pace) which included us stopping a few times for selfies with special characters along the way (see pics below)!  Also, just as a side note, you may or may not know that Scott actually did a half marathon with me back in 2009 or so (which still impresses me), and we looked it up to see, and we beat his time!!! So we claim to be superior athletes, even though I already knew that, haha!!!  I really loved the San Antonio Rock n Roll Half Marathon course – it brought back a lot of college memories as we ran all around the Trinity-area where I attended college.  It was also neat to run past the Alamo Stadium where the Knights had a phenomenal performance yesterday and also past the location where Scott and I had our wedding!  And speaking of weddings, as if we couldn’t smile any bigger already – we saw a couple get engaged as soon as we finished our race which was really cool!  We also then even were able to catch Everclear in concert post-race and ran into some old friends!  It really was an awesome weekend, front to back.  I think we channeled our inner Knights to get the job done just like they did yesterday!

And for fun, let’s do our first ever NON “Scott Says” with a “Chrissy Says…”

M: When you agreed to run 13 miles with your crazy friend, what was your biggest fear?

C: Your extremism and not being able to keep up.

M: But you work out all the time!

C: Not extreme!

M: Well, I would say you kept up just fine. Would you do it again?

C: I actually would, I totally would!  It’s fun friend time running together.

M: I agree, it is. So how does it feel to be a superior athlete to Scott Lehnhoff?

C: Well I always knew I was (both of us laughing hysterically). I mean, I have so many years of varsity and college sports experience (much more laughing as Chrissy has basically zero sports experience). I’m afraid it’s going to ignite a challenge now, although I don’t think he cares enough.

M: I would completely agree. There’s no way in h#ll that Scott Lehnhoff will ever run 13 miles again although it would be fun to do one with our hubbies, the four of us. So what was the best part of the race?

C: Finishing.

M: Somehow I had a feeling you would say that, haha!  It really was the best part, too!


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