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Knights Win Again!

I’m on the road and don’t have my laptop, so this will just be a quick mobile post (my first ever so we’ll see how it goes).

Umm…how to summarize what just happened…the Knights trailed the Broncos the entire game (barring a 7-7 tie in 1Q) until fairly late in the 4th when we took the lead to win the game 31-28. I will definitely look for articles to post that give more detail than that. I’m just still too nauseous and shaky to calm myself down enough to elaborate! And now I can start being nervous about something else: running 13 miles tomorrow! Nothing like over-scheduling myself!!

Congrats Knights!!! See you in Houston next Saturday for the semi-finals!!



6 thoughts on “Knights Win Again!

  1. Congrats!!!! On new baby and everything else!!

    Celia Catrett 2511 Willowick Road #318 Houston, Texas. 77027


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