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Arizona: Acupuncture, Float Therapy & More!

Wow! What a fabulous trip! I was able to successfully navigate another adventure on only juice (read part 1 about my Juice Feast here; trip was on days 63 & 64). I must say, it sure is an amazing feeling to return from vacation feeling completely refreshed, rejuvenated, and not all bloated from eating and… Continue reading Arizona: Acupuncture, Float Therapy & More!

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Part I: My 1st Juice Feast

“It’s never about deprivation, it’s about becoming who we were meant to be all along.” I can’t remember where I saw this quote, but I absolutely love it. For me, instead of focusing on what I am missing out on when I make healthy changes and improvements to my life, I’ve had the most success… Continue reading Part I: My 1st Juice Feast

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Scott’s Latest Obsession

To say that eating healthy in a world where food manufacturers routinely put non-food ingredients such as wood filler in parmesan cheese is a gross understatement (go ahead, Google it). I mean, am I the only one who thinks that seeing “pork” listed as an ingredient on my kids’ fruit snacks is super disturbing?! Never mind the… Continue reading Scott’s Latest Obsession


2017 Sibling Bluebonnets

This year the Bluebonnets weren’t all that great as compared to other years; at least not in our usual spot, which was disappointing. Add in a hectic schedule, too much sunshine on picture day, and three un-cooperative small children, it’s surprising that I’m actually okay with the photos I was able to snag despite all of the hurdles. I guess… Continue reading 2017 Sibling Bluebonnets