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14 months: Anti-literacy, Dog Poop & More!

So the big question is whether or not this is Rex’s last monthly update before the newest Lehnhoff arrives, and only time will tell! I do recall saying this once or twice while pregnant with Rex so if history predicts the future at all, I’m going to guess that we’ll get to squeeze in one last monthly update for Rex before #3 decides to make an appearance since my kids are notoriously late birds. But before I share Rex’s latest news as he turns 14 months, I thought I’d do a little Landri update since it’s been a while that I’ve done that.  PS.  Here’s a look back at Landri at Rex’s age.

So, there is one thing in the world that Landri will pretty much do ANYTHING to get. And that’s latex gloves. She is OBSESSED with gloves and has been for a quite a while. She knows who has them (my doctor, her doctor, the dentist, and the teachers at school), and somehow she weasels everyone into giving her gloves in all of these places. They are often times different colored (pink at the dentist, blue at school, etc) and she knows exactly who gave her which pairs (she’s currently toting around 6 pairs in a small bag: several different shades of blue, a pair of white ones, black ones and pink ones). Apparently I need to start using these gloves to bribe her as her tantrums have been escalating the last few weeks and she happily pooped in the adult potty (for the first time) in exchange for the black gloves. So just to recap, the tantrums began at about 18 months, but have been holding fairly steady since then (annoying but manageable) until several weeks ago when they reached a new and unimaginable high. In the last few weeks, Landri has taken her tantrum skills to an entirely different level (like beyond SKY HIGH). I think they might be making this preggers feel physically ill (the last two mornings following tantrums, I’ve actually felt nauseous, dizzy and just sick to my stomach???). And while her communication skills and ability to follow directions and learn right from wrong have all improved, she still does stuff she knows she shouldn’t do. Some examples are: drawing on the beige leather of my car with a ball point pen, scribbling all over the beige car seat with crayons, as well as our leather couch and dining room table. Other notable skills include: gargling her milk like a champ (gag), and “pwinging” (swinging) on scott’s legs (kind of like a rodeo-like bronco/bull experience that she LOVES). And lastly, she seems to have decent math skills (she can add up her gloves, go figure). She also still hasn’t grown out of her “eat everything” phase so it’s a constant watch to keep both her AND Rex from eating things like Play-Doh, dog poop, rocks, twigs, and poisonous plants (Oleander and Mountain Laurel berries). She is a sweet little girl at heart though – this morning I overheard her lying in bed telling her bear, “I love you SO much!” over and over. She is generally nice to Rex and also is completely infatuated with my friend’s son (5ish months old), and apparently loves “babysitting” him, feeding him his bottle, etc. I just keep praying she feels the same way about her littlest little brother when he gets here!  She talks about him all the time and says she’s going to “change him diaper,” etc.  Speaking of… that reminds me… she still mixes up her pronouns all the time.  Sometimes we spend so much time with her that Scott and I both find ourselves using incorrect pronouns like she does.  Geez.  We need to get out more.

Rex is seriously a wild child. We are in so, so much trouble with him. He is crazy. He wants to get into everything. He wants to climb everything. He wants to eat everything. He wants to hit everything. And the best part? HE. DOES. NOT. LISTEN. AT. ALL. Like at all. He will hear you telling him “No,” and turn and look at you, pause and then continue the behavior. He will even laugh in your face over it. He thinks not listening is hilarious. His favorite thing in the world (next to basketball) is still to throw his food all over the place. Which is also hilarious (to him). He also still loves to rub his food all over his face and all in his hair.

Here are some fun Rex facts:

  • He has started sticking his tongue out randomly (I guess he just discovered it?)
  • Rex is taking survival swim lessons like Landri did
  • Rex NEVER EVER holds still
  • Rex can pound a vegan chai smoothie, or any vegan smoothie for that matter
  • Rex is President and CEO of the Babies Against Literacy League (NOT a fan of reading books – goes along with the whole “NEVER EVER holds still” point)
  • Rex loves pretend driving toy trucks, cars, and tractors
  • Rex loves to give high fives and he’s pretty violent about it (he will SLAP a high five)
  • Rex visited the dentist for the first time! He cried but got over it instantly as soon as it was over. Sadly I didn’t make him a special video like Landri’s here. Sorry, Rex!
  • Rex has started to “dance” and has a sweet torso swinging move (see here about 14 seconds in).  Funny because looking back at Landri’s dance moves at a similar age, she did the same thing (although she added in a foot stomp, here and/or here).  I will need to try to teach him.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a Daddy Daycare Alert… I don’t really have anything specific, but Scott does seem to feed them spicy hot food – ALL THE TIME – and they freak out and scream and it’s always “an accident” that he somehow doesn’t realize until it’s too late and they have their tongues hanging out of their mouths screaming in agony for “BA-BA!!!!” (that means a sippy cup of milk).

M: How is Rex different than Landri was at age 14 months?
S: Not much.
M: That’s not true!
S: He’s a little more like a boy.

M: On a scale of 1-10 where 10 is totally a wild child, what do you rank Rex?
S: Mmm… 7 or 8.
M: What about Landri at age 14 months?
S: 6.
M: What would you rank Landri now?
S: Um, I don’t know. I don’t know what to compare her to.

M: What is the funniest thing he does?
S: Mmm…I like how he walks around clapping.

M: What is his favorite thing in the world?
S: Shootin hoops.
M: Tell me more about that.
S: He likes to shoot hoops! He likes to play basketball!

M: Is he easy to watch/babysit?
S: Yeah.
M: It didn’t look easy yesterday when you kept letting him fall off rock ledges yesterday!
S: Yeah, he’s quite active.

M: What is Rex’s biggest dislike?
S: Mmm…I don’t know.
M: Seriously? You don’t know?
S: No, I don’t. Fruit? Vegetables?
M: Those are pretty good – you’re right about that…I was going to say being restrained…

M: What is his most annoying habit?
S: Umm…I don’t know if he really has one.
M: What about food throwing?
S: Yeah, actually that is kind of annoying.

M: What about when he rubs his food in his face and hair?
S: Yeah, I don’t like that.

M: What’s the cutest thing Rex does?
S: I like when he babbles.
M: Me too. I also like his dancing (he swings his torso right and left).

M: What’s new with Landri these days?
S: Not much.
M: Seriously?
S: She’s…really into gloves.

M: Does she ever throw tantrums?
S: Daily.
M: Are they fun?
S: No.
M: What technique do you use to handle them?
S: To handle her tantrums?
M: Yeah.
S: I usually just let her tantrum and walk away.

M: Does Landri like Rex?
S: Yeah.
M: Does Rex like Landri?
S: Yeah.

Until next time…

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