Dance Party

Twin Bellies

These days, both Landri and I are sporting growing bellies. In the picture to the left, Scott tried to capture this awesome phenomenon while I enticed her with one of her favorite items of all time (the TV remote).  Our twin bellies seem to be more apparent in person though.  This photo was also taken several weeks ago, before the Half Marathon, and I think both of us (me especially), have gotten much larger since then!

Onto other exciting things.  Landri has a new dance move: foot stomping.  Apparently it comes from “If you’re happy and you know it, stomp your feet!” at school, but she has been coordinating it into her everyday activities, especially her dancing.  Here, Landri showcases this skill while she jams out to some old school Madonna! I took this video last night after Landri’s Worst Nightmare (https://livinwiththelehnhoffs.com/2013/12/04/landris-worst-nightmare/), hence the same outfit.  Also, to note, while it was 70s/80s yesterday (thus the sundress), it’s now 45 degrees and dropping.  This weather is crazy!

Watch Landri’s Dance Party here: http://youtu.be/rZ20FxkZmjs


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