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Megan the EskimoWell, tomorrow officially starts the final stretch of my pregnancy as we begin the third trimester.  And because the sleepless nights have already set in (I’m too uncomfortable to get comfortable, lol), I got up at 6am and figured that I would go for a jog.  Yes, it was below freezing with 20+ mph winds, but I figured I shouldn’t subject Landri to a ride in a stroller in this weather, even if I did just get the fancy “cold weather system” accessory for our jogging stroller!  And it actually wasn’t that bad since I was exercising – I got hot and even shed a few layers.  I also figured it was good practice for tomorrow night at Scott’s game since the weather should be similar (hopefully less wind though).  I test drove my facemask and some different gloves, both of which I think will be perfect for the game [a facemask is the way to go, by the way].  I am considering, however, wearing a giant “onesie” snow suit.  I bought it a couple of years ago for a winter hunt in Canada and have only been able to wear it (deer hunting) in Texas once.  Perhaps I can get my money’s worth tomorrow night.  So please help me decide.  Is this overkill for a football game?  There’s just something about sitting completely STILL in below freezing temperatures on a metal bleacher that make it seem even colder.  And for those of you who have been pregnant, you know how getting sick really, really sucks. I mean, you can’t take any of the good stuff and just have to wait for your body to naturally get better which takes about 5 times longer than usual!!!

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