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Knights Win & New Football Swag

Tonight the Steele Knights defeated the O’Connor Panthers, 45-24!  It was an awesome game and I actually got to watch the whole thing because my children weren’t there, LOL! One of my college roommates published her first novel, The Changelings, and her book launch party was this afternoon in Austin. It was too tricky for me to figure out naps and the kids, etc so I just said, “The heck with it! I’m goin solo to both!” and it was such a wonderful treat! Christina – huge congrats on the book – I cannot wait to read it! I have a feeling that I’ll be asking you to sign a few more copies for me. But back to the game…The Knights did great tonight and had some awesome plays including a few that were 70+ yards – so much fun to watch!

fullsizerender-24But since I didn’t have any kids to take pictures of at the game, I had them take pictures of me in my new football swag a little earlier today!!! One of my friends started a super cute online boutique called Modern JEM Boutique and I have two shirts from there that you football fans will love! She has another one too (pass interference) that I don’t have – you’ll have to look online and check it out! Here’s the direct link to the “Wife ’em up” shirt and the “Jesus and Friday night football” shirt. Scott cracks up every time that I wear the black one, because let’s be real…for those of you who know me well, know that he didn’t “wife [me] up” for my love of football, haha! That’s something that I’ve grown to love over the last decade! The Knights are literally the only football team that I cheer for at any level! And man, I sure do ❤ the Steele Knights!!! Win or lose, they are such a tremendous group of human beings from players to coaches to support staff and organizations! XX

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