Merry Christmas: Crazy Christmas Clothes & Santa Visit!

I haven’t done Christmas cards in 7 or 8 years, not really sure why; I just can’t ever seem to get my act together!  And now that I have the blog, I feel like y’all are probably more than up to date on pictures and all-things-Lehnhoff in the last year, haha!  But I wanted to say thank you all for the lovely cards – they are a joy to open – and also, from our family to yours, merry, merry Christmas and happy new year!

Just like last year, Landri’s Mimi bought her an adorable Christmas outfit for her big performance at school (this year’s pics below and click here for last year’s in case you missed it)!  Scott still thinks she looks like a rodeo clown, but I think it’s ADORABLE!  I mean, you can only get away with these kinds of ruffles, faux fur and dangling balls for so long!  Sadly, Rex doesn’t have any actual Christmas clothes (only pj’s), so he sported his red sweat pants and green “Touchdown Maker” sweatshirt, LOL!  Also, I don’t know if doing something for two years in a row qualifies it as a tradition, but if so, our family officially has ONE Christmas tradition now which is to go to the zoo to (accidentally!) see Santa.  As predicted, Landri hated Santa again this year.  To see her horrible reaction from last year, click here, and view this year’s below.  Luckily for us, Rex was super cool with Santa this year – should be interesting next year to see if he gets scared or not.  We actually missed taking Landri on her first Christmas (2012), which would have likely been the equivalent to Rex’s reaction.  Ah!  For once!  The second kid got something the first kid didn’t (seeing Santa on his actual first Christmas)!!!

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