Landri Performs Jingle Bells

This morning Landri had her first performance in front of a real, live audience!  Along with her classmates, Landri “performed” two songs on stage at school for Christmas!  She and her B – Fri, Cami did a great job and behaved themselves quite nicely!  Check out Landri’s awesome outfit from my mom in the video and pictures below!  It’s soooo over-the-top and totally perfect!!!  It’s been said that it makes Landri look like a Conga Dancer, a Rodeo Clown (Scott!), a Vegas Show Girl because of the huge headpiece, and just all together – super adorable!  Here’s a quick clip of their second song, Jingle Bells.  Pay attention in the beginning to see Landri fall off her seat, LOL!


3 thoughts on “Landri Performs Jingle Bells

  1. Holy cow that is the cutest thing ever!!!!! She is turning into a real model! The outfit was stunning, she looked just like a little winter festival angel! What a cutie patootie! And let me make sure I mention I noticed her foot stomp in the song which starts the dance! If they had done one more song she would have truly been the life of the party! Love you guys!

  2. So adorable! Your mom made the outfit? Merry Merry Christmas Celia Catrett (friend of your mom’s)

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