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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!  We (Landri, Rex and I) started the year off right with a nice little 5K at Lifetime Fitness for Commitment Day! Despite the 34 degree, misting, rainy weather, the kids were GREAT!  I must say they were troopers, all snuggled up, warm and dry, happy as little clams!  We won the (unofficial) category for strollers – both genders and all size strollers, which was cool, LOL!  We finished at just over 31 minutes, averaging about a 10 minute mile, which I was pretty happy with considering the weather and the 65+ lb of human/stroller combination that I was pushing along – pregnant, no less too!  I’ll put some pics below.  With the new year, comes another cleanse for me (and therefore Scott when he is here, haha).  You can read about my initial journey on the cleanse here (it’s what led me to eat vegan).  Since my first time doing it back in April of 2013, I’ve probably done it periodically about a half dozen times or so (and I’m also almost certain that I’ve been pregnant every time since that first time, lol).  This particular cleanse is pretty sweet because you can do it on your own and it doesn’t require you to buy any supplements or concoctions.  If you really want to be really hardcore about it, you can purchase the book for less than $13 on Amazon (The Quantum Wellness Cleanse by Kathy Freston).  Anyways, if you are looking to try something new this year, maybe check out my post that I linked to above.  Just a warning: it’s a REALLY long read, but it’s got a ton of good info if you are seriously considering it.  And of course, you’re always welcome to contact me with questions about it!

Just for fun, I’m going to include two pictures of Rex from the Houston Zoo that I think are adorable.  HNY!

2 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. I can imagine how much energy it took to outfit your kids for the run. Bravo. But next year, you will be thinking how simple things were when you had only two kiddos.

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