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Football Eve

Tomorrow is the next big game – round 4 of the 6A Division II playoffs, also known as the quarterfinals.  We are playing San Antonio’s Brandeis at Alamo Stadium at 4pm.  There’s been quite a bit of media around this game and so I thought I’d put together a post attempting to encompass that.

Here’s an article highlighting the history between these two great football teams.

Good Day SAYesterday, Scott and four players were on the Good Day SA morning show.  Check that out here!

Additionally, here’s an article about Steele’s defensive end Mark Jackson (you may need to be a digital subscriber to read, not sure).

Also, the very talented Kelley Lyons-Spencer created this awesome video from last week’s game.  Check it out – she did a great job!!  Thank you so much for all of your support for the Steele Knights!  We love you!

PS.  We also made the Texas High School football website with a brief article about the HBO show (also includes a preview that IS viewable on mobile devices). Shout out to my Omaha family, I should have mentioned earlier and forgot, but Rex is wearing red/white Husker’s PJs they gave us in the clip!

PPS.  Here’s a similar article out of Pittsburg about Kiya Tomlin’s appearance (wife of Steeler’s head coach) who is also featured in our episode.

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